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Helix is folded shed heat exchanger of board canal shell type housing Cheng diat
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Current, what apply in the trade technological process such as our country petrifaction, electric power is cold change equipment majority to be envelope type heat exchanger, dominant position is being held in all sorts of heat exchange equipment. Because be in,the envelope type heat exchanger of battle is heat exchanger of traditional perpendicular Gong Ban mostly, heat exchange efficiency is lower, accordingly, the heat exchange efficiency that improves facility, reduce pressure to fall become cold the main problem that changes equipment technology progress to be faced with. The thermal resistance outside reducing a canal at the same time only, film outside raising a canal conducts heat coefficient, the heat exchange efficiency that just can improve whole platform heat exchanger truly. For this, company of phenanthrene force riverside rolled out the United States to fold heat exchanger of type of row drifting lever above all. Fold shed lever to fold shed a structure to break through perpendicular Gong Ban to lose the medium that sheds a structure to bring about transverse spread way of going from place to place, use fore-and-aft spread way of going from place to place, reduced pressure to fall, and because fold those who shed lever,insert, the fluid forms market of eddy blocking the door, increased medium to disturb form turbulence, raised the velar coefficient of housing Cheng. But the limitation with fold heat exchanger drifting lever to have certain, become namely eddy market cannot be formed when viscosity of housing Cheng medium is bigger. Housing Cheng fluid is in to shed a position by limitation, film conducts heat coefficient is reduced significantly, accordingly, do not suit to use this kind of heat exchanger in the system such as crude oil heat exchange, residuum heat exchange. Change thermal efficiency to rise, people made a lot of attempts on applied aggrandizement special pipe. Special pipe had improvement really configuration of flow of the fluid inside the canal, raise film to conduct heat the effect of coefficient, but because the film inside the canal conducts heat,coefficient is the film outside coefficient, canal conducts heat the element composition such as coefficient of thermal conductivity of coefficient, tube wall and bilge thermal resistance, the film outside be in charge of when the influence conducts heat when coefficient thermal resistance becomes control thermal resistance, improve the condition conducting heat inside the canal is without how great sense only. Bend fold stream board in heat exchanger, bend fold stream board make a fluid transverse erode check, increased the heat exchange capacity of housing side fluid, but, because the fluid is close to the swerve that housing cliff face is in to make energy loss increases quickly, cause the falls along Cheng pressure accretion of housing side, additional, because fold stream board with housing between by flow and heat exchanger tube and fold stream board between the existence of leakage shedding and dead band (the 1) that be like a graph, make the weakness of character of flow of its carapace side very apparent. Helix is folded stream board heat exchanger is aimed at bend just about model fold stream board the defect that side of heat exchanger carapace flows puts forward, flow through changing housing side to fold board decorate, make housing side fluid shows continuous helix shape flow. Accordingly, fold ideally stream board decorate should be successive helix curved surface. But, treatment of helix curved surface is more difficult, and heat exchanger tube and fold stream board cooperate to also compare difficult implementation. Considering the convenience on treatment, use a series of sector makes the same score face plate (say fold for helix stream board) replace area area alternate with to join, approximate helicoid is formed in housing side, make housing side fluid generates flow of shape of approximate and successive helix. Fold in helix stream board in heat exchanger (the 2) that be like a graph, the fluid is in the direction of going from place to place of housing side is successive change. The flow of nonexistent swerve, huge reduced resistance of going from place to place. Fluid and heat exchanger tube have one helix inclination, fluid helical bypasses heat exchange check, flow not only resistance is little, and nonexistent sluggish dead band, the advantage of character of going from place to place is clearly.

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