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Medium application is produced in evaporate happening heat exchanger of new temp
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If warm-up temperature approachs the boiling point that takes makings Ⅰ effect, heat to evaporating to the stability of device moves and be reduced vapour dosage has profit greatly, general, electrolyte uses evaporating condenser water to show heat to come warm-up. Because warm-up craft and device are insufficient perfect, the boiling point that the temperature of the electrolyte after warm-up often compares fluid of the makings inside evaporator is low much, this should continue inevitably inside evaporator warm-up and use up one part to heat vapour. According to data report, at present the temperature after warm-up of electrolyte of chloric alkaline factory wants majority to expect than entering the boiling point of effect is low 50 ℃ of 45 ~ , cause vapour to use up increase 0. 7 ~ 0. 100 % of · of t of 9 t / N a OH, occupy evaporate the 30 % of 25 % ~ of total steam consumption, accordingly, for managing vapour, should take step, raise electrolyte warm-up temperature. Evaporate in the process, electrolyte warm-up temperature operates one of conditions as main craft, particularly important. Pass computation, electrolyte temperature every are elevatory 10 ℃ , heat vapour wastage can save t of / of 170 k g , occupy the 5 % left and right sides of total cost. In common working procedure electrolyte sends to when evaporating, temperature has 75 ℃ left and right sides only, use 3 effect 4 body two paragraphs of direct current evaporate operation, boiling point of Ⅰ effect solution 145 ℃ , that is to say, should heat electrolyte boiling point temperature, electrolyte temperature rise amounts to 70 ℃ , if use unripe vapour completely to heat, the steam consumption that is used at electrolyte warm-up only amounts to · of t of / of 1190 k g namely alkaline. When using electrolyte of warm-up of intake air heater of helix board type, electrolyte and condenser water carry respective channel the mural face with two common side delivers quantity of heat. Because be in helix board intake air heater, the velocity of flow of electrolyte and condenser water is compared want to be gotten high in intake air heater of the type that list a canal much, conduct heat coefficient can amount to 2400 ~ 2 · of m of / of 3500 k J h · ℃ . The advantage of intake air heater of helix board type: Conduct heat coefficient is tall, cover an area of an area small, performance is good; Defect is to electroanalysis of lye corrode make helix board intake air heater easy happen alkaline fragile, leak overhauls difficulty. By 2 pieces parallel thin stencil steel coils intake air heater of helix board type to make and be become, it has 2 gyroidal channels that separate each other, be in the center of intake air heater, have clapboard of 1 piece center, nozzle is set in the two side of clapboard, the passageway that the fluid that enters this two nozzle can part to differ through two along corkscrewed yarn guides condenser is the outerest the nozzle that controls two side. According to concerning data introduction, the utilization rate of heat energy of heat exchanger of new template type is high, conduct heat the 3 ~ that coefficient is heat exchanger of helix board type 5 times. Choose board type heat exchanger to have the following advantage: ① is economic conduct heat area, device is small, installation covers an area of an area small also, quality compares identical thermic load base the heat exchanger that it shapes is small, reduce fundamental investment; ② disassembles easily, maintenance is convenient. Of board type heat exchanger board piece but the spot is assembled, can increase at will or decrease board piece amount, the either of the attaint in tearing open next heat exchanger at any time piece, maintenance time is short. ③ thermal efficiency is tall. Use refluent means to conduct heat, complete onflow, heat reclaims rate can be as high as 94 ~ 98 % , only the brim is exposed in atmosphere, hot loss is negligible.

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