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Heat exchanger tube bilges solder is made with connective with shallow talk abou
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GBl5l, the regulation in L999 standard, bilge, because effectively damp check vibration is right,solder uses a structure the injury of solder mouth, avoid clearance to corrode, and have compare pure bilge receive or intensity solder has higher intensity and sealing, get be adoptioned extensively consequently. Use normally to groovy heat exchanger tube at present " stick bilge intensity solder " mode; And important or the heat exchanger with slashing use condition asks to use " intensity bilges sealed solder " mode. Bilge, solder is pressed with the structure bilge receive with solder in working procedure early or late order can be divided be the solder after bilging first and bilge after solder first two kinds. Intensity bilges receive apply to ≤ of temperature of design pressure ~<4MPa, design 300 ℃ , without the acuteness vibration, circumstance that has not had big temperature change and stress-free to corrode; Intensity solders apply to vibration lesser with the circumstance that corrodes without clearance; Bilge, solder is used apply to sealed function taller, bear vibration or fatigue load, clearance is corroded, the occasion that uses compound tube plate. This shows, pure bilge receive or the join means use condition that intensity solders is limitary. The machine that the 1 solder after bilging first uses normally at present bilges receive, because to soldering the lube with the very strong sensitivity such as crackle, stoma is permeated,entered these space, the phenomenon that limitation produces when soldering is more serious. These osmosis those who enter space is smeary keep clear of very hard clean, use technology of the solder after bilging first so, unfavorable the means that uses machinery to bilge. Because stick,bilging is not of compression, but the gap that can eliminate pipe and aperture of tube plate canal, so can effective damp check vibration arrives of nozzle solder place. But use groovy handiwork or mechanical pilot machinery to bilge receive cannot achieve stick equably bilge requirement, and use by computer control bilges the fluid bag form that receives pressure bilges tubal machine bilges when receiving, can go to the lavatory, equably implementation is stuck bilge requirement. Use fluid bag type to bilge tubal machine bilges when receiving, receive a result to achieve ideal result to make bilge, bilge the dimension of the pipe before receiving and tube plate aperture cooperates to be made in the design on must accord with relatively strict requirement. Design to convention so only " stick bilge intensity solder " the means that can use the solder after bilging first, and to special design " intensity bilges intensity solder " can use stick first bilge, again intensity solder, the method that final intensity bilges. Pipe and tube plate bilge after receiving, in the canal end should leave those who 15ram grows to did not bilge tubal antrum, receive the alternate of stress and welding stress to add with avoiding to bilge, reduce the effect that welding stress receives to bilging, of 15ram did not bilge canal paragraph with the existence between tube plate Kong Zhi a clearance (1) seeing a picture. When solder, because high temperature is fused metallic influence, the gas inside clearance is heated and expand quickly. Introduce according to foreign data, force of clearance antrum internal pressure can achieve the extrahigh voltage status of 200 ~ 300MPa when solder receives a mouth. The sealed function that the gas of high temperature high pressure of clearance antrum bilges to intensity when outer discharge causes deadly loss, and the pinhole that place of welding line binding off also will stay naked eye to become aware hard. 2 bilge after solder first so to craft bilging after solder first, the precision that dominates pipe and tube plate opening reachs his to cooperate to be first issue. The space when pipe and tube plate antrum is little after arriving to be worth certainly, bilge receive a process to go to unapt injury solder the quality of contact. Concerned data shows, of nozzle solder contact bears the ability of axial force is quite big, even if sealed solder, solder when contact is doing a static state to help a test, pipe is pulled, solder mouth will not be pulled. However solder mouth bears tangential the capacity that cuts force is opposite poorer, so after intensity solder, because control short of demand, the likelihood has been caused bilge invalidation or bilge receive to soldering the injury of contact. In production process, have in a heat exchanger quite quantitative heat exchanger tube, there is bigger gap between its external diameter and aperture of aperture of tube plate canal, and every heat exchanger tube its external diameter and axial of edge of clearance of aperture of tube plate canal are inhomogenous (2) seeing a picture. Should solder after finishing, bilge when receiving, pipe center line must be in charge of coincide of photograph of aperture center line with tube plate. When clearance very hour, 15mm carries on did not bilge canal paragraph will OK reduce bilge receive be out of shape pair of soldering influences. Become when gap is bigger, because the tigidity of pipe is bigger, pass to bilge greatly receive be out of shape will cross 15mm to did not bilge the amortize of the area and to soldering contact produces loss, create solder opening even sealing off.
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