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The car uses digitlization platform of design of efficient heat exchanger is pas
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Patent application 29, among them 9 are invention patent, project group published paper of 41 science and technology (among them SCI paper 9) , standard of the technology that finish 13, and education went 4 doctors and 7 Masters. This project makes the same score a professor to chair by motor-driven institute Chenjiang, by Shanghai traffic university and Zhejiang silver turbine instrument Inc. is finished jointly. Undertake " the car designs platform with the digitlization of efficient heat exchanger " the project checks and accept the job. Can realize three-dimensional CAD/CAE/CFD and the linkage function that heat exchanger function analyses, heat exchanger is optimized with system of type selecting expert, project group is aimed at the peculiar operating mode of heat exchanger, built station of relevant experiment of heat exchange function, the project develops last a period of time 5 years, finished a car to use cooling system early or late if all sorts of heat exchanger are oily cold implement, in cold implement the platform of design development software with cistern and expert system, transfer to be in the wing of different aggrandizement heat exchange that sheds position piece function undertook study, wear away in the light of punch process mould, the craft such as solder connect configuration always spread out special research to work, the deviation of function of heat exchanger product of the design all does not exceed 3% . Obtain grow quickly, after platform develops a success, improved the development efficiency of silver annulus company greatly, by inadequacy 100 million sale is jumped near 800 million yuan of sales, the company appears on the market at reaching place greatly successfully in April 2007. After the project is carried out increase profit newly 395 million yuan, increase revenue newly 158 million yuan, achieve receive foreign currency 1.316 billion yuan.

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