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Change an efficient heat exchanger- - economic 3 into report
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Run the circle " pressure " flat, "A place of strategic importance " the condenser into the machine outside air conditioning, can save below 3 into report. This is only magical " efficient heat exchanger " in one is discharge orderly flat " intestines " , brush together brush those who cross size of a piece of half square metre to come loose hot wing piece. With former evaporator of the machine inside air conditioning or outside the abdominal structure photograph inside machine condenser is compared, round copper pipe of a root " shrivelled is dropped " . Original, agent of the refrigeration inside air conditioning sheds classics copper pipe, exterior steam encounters cold nature to form local air current. According to basic thermodynamic principle, can form all round round canal " big cyclone " , medicinal powder nature of thermal resistance force increases. Contrary, elliptic conduit the air current suffocate suffocate all around is less, can make cryogen save effort for air conditioning, reduce compressor load thereby, achieve energy-saving result.

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