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Install heat exchanger "rub warm" is illegal Easily lead to pipeline rupture
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Heating in winter the city has already begun, this time a kind of used to "rub warm" heat exchanger is popular on the market. Businesses that appeared to be normal in promoting the radiator when the heat exchanger are known as no power, water supply can be connected Tang Chu hot water, attracts many residents come to buy. Press survey found that the heat is actually a "dog in the manger", and installation of the inhabitants of heat exchanger increases, it will affect the entire district heating, and this is Heat the company prohibited. 15, the early spring garden plot Liu told reporters that a friend's house recently installed a heat exchanger, connecting it to the home after heating on, you can "create" out of hot water, no electricity do not have gas, very convenient. "Listen Very good, just do not know is not in compliance. "Ms Lau said after listening to friends, then he is very tempted, but afraid of heating will have an impact after installation. Reporter went to a hardware store Fushou Street, asked if there was heat exchangers for sale. Staff reporter went to a bunch seems to lead in front of the radiator, "This is a heat exchanger." Reporter saw a heat exchanger outside the ordinary radiator Shaped like, if you're not looking for that is a group of white radiator. After careful observation, the reporter found the top left and right in the heat exchanger at each end of a red plastic interface, the clerk said this is the intake, you can The introduction of PVC pipe connected to water heat exchanger. Heat exchanger and one each in left and right side of the interface with a screw diameter and home heating pipe similar. Printed on the box next to "Heating for bulk water heaters" message. When a reporter asked about the working principle of heat exchanger, the staff and owner are not exactly explain, and said it could not produce a statement to reporters. Yu He Road, a reporter in a hardware store to see the silver-gray color and very much like old-fashioned radiator heat exchanger. Above, also marked a "water inlet 20 ℃ 70 ℃" message. Female shop owner, said this means to the heat exchanger Enter the 20 ℃ inside the tap water, heated by heat exchanger, the output is 70 ℃ hot water. Longevity reporter then went to the northeast corner of East Street and Yu He Road intersection on a bathroom plumbing shop. I heard a reporter to buy heat exchanger, female reporters into the zone owner of the shop warm. "It is this, the 600, the 550." Reporters about the first female owner of a variety of heat prices. "The electricity it?" To reporters questions, female shop owner replied: "No, that is a received Radiator, one connected to the tap water. Water in, out is hot water. "When a reporter asked whether the water inside the heat exchanger with the heating of water mixed together, the female shop owner said:" there is also a special tube fitted Tap water, not mixed together. Directly to the radiator removed to put this, warmer than the radiator. You can also take a bath, very convenient. "Female owner strongly recommend the larger heat exchanger, adding that after installation, you can achieve thermal Water washing, wash, bath and other functions. This reporter interviewed Heat Co., Ltd. Weifang City Manager Dong Jun new production plan. Dong Jun told reporters that the new, business promotion heating heat exchanger in the "no power" features, the fact is hidden by the heat principle is Heating water using water and heat exchange. "Heat exchanger in the hot water heating with heating water, the heating system will certainly result in lower water temperature, resulting in lower indoor temperature, and increased the heat supply company Heat costs. "New says Dong Jun, a 1 square meter of heat exchanger size has little effect on the heating system, if a community of users to install heat exchangers increase the overall heating effect will be affected. In addition, the heat exchanger Repeatedly washed by hot water pipes, it is easy to rupture and lead to high-pressure hot water heating system into the low pressure water pipe network, and add a chemical heating the water, people drink this water, once bound to affect health . It is understood that "heat management approach in Weifang City" Article 36 clearly forbids the unauthorized connection pipe heat users, increase the heat transfer and heat sink or private, indoor heating facilities without installing release valve, exhaust valve, Changes in heat hot water circulation devices and applications. Dong Jun said a new, if we find people secretly install heating pipes, they will be removed.

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