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Boost micro-channel heat exchanger air-conditioning energy saving technical p
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Microchannel heat exchanger performance of its efficient, compact and cost advantages, is gradually used in commercial, domestic refrigeration and air conditioning industry, research associated with more and more attention by the industry as related fields a research focus. This is the news from the Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, Professor Jun-Ming Li a speech recently informed the relevant content. For the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, how to provide a stable, reliable, energy-efficient products is an important proposition in this area. Rely solely on the system components to improve performance (such as using high efficiency compressors, high efficiency fan) or increase the area of heat exchanger to improve the energy efficiency of products, will inevitably increase the cost of the equipment, resulting in a waste of a large number of non-renewable resources, but also increased cost of consumers to buy. According to Professor Li Junming the introduction, for the air conditioner basic structure of micro-channel heat exchanger in the form of multi-channel strip of aluminum pipe, corrugated fin (on crack), the overall process of welding and general multi-barrel. In the low-carbon energy has a significant effect, while reducing air-conditioning manufacturing costs, improve market competitiveness advantage. Specifically, the performance of its advantages are: thermal conductivity, and can effectively reduce the fan power; help reduce the amount of refrigerant filling of combustible natural refrigerant used is very important; saving materials to reduce manufacturing costs; have good corrosion resistance . However, Jun-Ming Li also pointed out that micro-channel heat exchanger in the research process there are key technical problems, namely how to solve for two-phase flow refrigerant evaporator body evenly distributed in the sub-path problem, heat exchangers in refrigeration, heating to switch between operating conditions, as well as the exclusion of defrost water. United States Air Conditioner R & D department of domestic director of the Center Qiang told reporters that the U.S. is also currently working on micro-channel heat exchanger for air conditioning and air conditioners have been used in small quantities of the product for customer testing of the test. For the above technical difficulties, Li Qiang, told reporters that at present the solution for a certain research breakthroughs.

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