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Heat exchanger of heating furnace air is automatic protection system
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Improve the function that increases thermal efficiency. The combustion air that place of heating furnace combustion needs, it is the hot air that offers after the heat exchanger inside flue undertakes warm-up by installation. So the mattered to heating furnace directly normally use of heat exchanger. And heat exchanger is metallic pipy structure, this is protected with respect to what mean heat exchanger even if should prevent temperature exorbitant, avoid to burn out heat exchanger thereby. Be as high as 600 ℃ commonly from the flue gas of eduction of end of industrial heat heat, temperature - 1100 ℃ . The quantity of heat that take away occupies 30%-70% of fuel supply caloric, reduce the specific fuel consumption of industrial furnace, the most effective method of managing the sources of energy is to reclaim the more than heat of high temperature flue gas. Use warm-up combustion air, return reclaiming quantity of heat furnace inside, have the effect of direct and managing fuel. Be burned out to prevent air heat exchanger to be when temperature of air of intake air heater is exorbitant, the setting on air manager is changed to available gas diffuse is in charge of and contain in what be in heat exchanger automatic diffuse a powerful person, when be being used at heating up air temperature to exceed set to be worth increase warm-up air automatically to measure and open valve diffuse to drop one part to heat up air. Will drop the hot air temperature that passes heat exchanger with this, achieve the goal that protects heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is automatic the sheet of protector piece microcomputer controller, its imitate inputs a quantity to be temperature and pressure signal, need A/D transition, consider 8 from precision enough; Other inputs signal to still include to start signal. The installs consideration heat exchanger automatic protection of starting signal and hand move pilot changeover. Become only odd a machine after receiving starting signal, just begin to undertake be protectived automatically controlling. Output signal includes the control of electromotor and electromagnetism a powerful person.

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