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Super energy-saving dual-core heat exchanger condensing water heater MACRO
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Now, low-carbon energy products have become mainstream in people's lives. In the water heater industry, condensing water heaters is the absolute energy champion. Recently, a leading brand in the domestic gas industry innovation launched the second generation of Macro condensing gas water heater, to mention a new high thermal efficiency. Endless energy, MACRO again set off a water heater industry's technological revolution.

Dual-core heat up to 106% thermal efficiency

Gas water heater combustion exhaust gas temperatures up to about 200 ℃, directly exhausted to the outside not only caused a lot of energy waste and pollution of the environment. MACRO condensing water heater condensation using cutting-edge technology, in addition to ordinary sensible heat exchanger, but also the addition of a condensing heat exchanger (also known as the latent heat exchanger). The dual heat exchanger system structure, not only will some of the high temperature flue gas sensible heat to fully absorb the heat, but also innovative to be ranked as high as 200 ℃ flue gas heat recovery through the use of condensing technology, on the New cold water to warm. After warm-enhanced warm water and then by heating, to the user the required temperature, the thermal efficiency as high as 106%.

Super energy-saving shower only 0.27

There was authority of inspection agencies MACRO condensing water heater products for testing, results showed that: a continuous 15-minute shower (water temperature 40 ℃) 0.112 cubic meters of natural gas were consumed, equivalent to only 0.27 yuan RMB. Not only energy, but also save money, especially in the current situation of rising gas prices, the MACRO condensing water heater is showing its value for money.

Champion quality industry leaders

Macro as a founder of the domestic gas industry and the promoters of primary or participated in the drafting of the gas water heater, gas stove national standards, editor of the condensing gas water heater industry standard, and twice elected as a gas with China National Hardware Association Branch chairman of the unit, gas water heater for 20 consecutive years among the sales champion of the domestic market.

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