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The effect that monitor medium difference in temperature can produce to be in ch
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Summary: Analysed on certain level tightening beforehand, used ANSYS software to build U form to be in charge of heat exchanger or heat exchanger of float head type to provide box flange sealed system three-dimensional and finite yuan of model, will tighten condition and operation condition to be contacted cheek by jowl beforehand, only 3 kinds of operating mode when joint action issue pressure action and pressure and difference in temperature the sealed function of flange tubal case. The graph classifies date in: TQ 053. 2 document label piles up: B keyword; Flange is sealed; Heat exchanger L provides case; Difference in temperature; Finite yuan of analysis because this, the high difference in temperature between monitor medium often is heat exchanger of U form canal and heat exchanger of float head type the main reason of occurrence leak of sealing surface of flange tubal case. The high temperature between heat exchanger of U form canal and medium of monitor of heat exchanger of float head type officials post so that temperature edge is in charge of box flange sealing surface (include radial and Zhou Xiang) distributing inhomogenous. In temperature gradient larger area can be not coordinated because of be out of shape and bring about the sealed invalidation of flange tubal case and tube plate joint. Provide the effect with box sealed flange to explain difference in temperature is right between monitor medium, use in article three-dimensional and finite yuan of method, those who considered spacer is nonlinear, with alone Shan Zishi converts total plant heat exchanger of type of head of float of Cheng of a double-barreled is exemple, computation was analysed tightening beforehand, suffer monitor pressure action and monitor pressure and monitor difference in temperature only the sealed property that joint action manages box flange below 3 kinds of operating mode.

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