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Environmental heat exchanger heating the Binhai New Area will be the first time
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November 1, the development zone for a period of 5 months of the heating season heating work, Hangu 7 fire oven heating site, Tanggu, Dagang test the water of the heating station to suppress the work is nearing completion. Learned from related departments, this year, the Binhai New Area Central heating area of more than 5,200 square meters, the new heat supply area of nearly 500 million square meters. Heating company is ready 36 With the number of new residential, new public facilities put into use one after another, learned from the heating sector, this year, heating area of Binhai New Area added nearly 500 million square meters, the total heating area of 5,200 square meters. Currently, New 36 have completed heating heating companies have to prepare, and make preparations for temperature furnace, only the order and other related departments, "warm" will continuously sent to residents of the home. "Currently, we completed the work of suppressing water, and other coal-fired storage, staff induction, safety training have been done, waiting for the government directive, according to the weather conditions do point oven ready." Coastal heating company office Yang Xuejun, director of the preparations for this year's heating familiar, most recently, Yang Xuejun and storage of coal every day, maintenance equipment, leak repair work dealing with race. Tanggu 12 as a heating surface of heating companies Product largest companies, coastal heating company for a core area of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Tanggu more than 60,000 households in the work of the winter heating, heating area of more than 500 million square meters, to ensure the heating quality, coastal heating companies will be early Heating work ready. Meanwhile, Hangu and Dagang and other functional areas of the heating work are all ready in place. "November 1, area 7 heating station we all ignition oven, energy reserves has been completed 85% of the total . "Yang Ruchen Hangu district heating Management Office Director introduced. In addition, the port 12 also completed the heating station to suppress, test the water of the preparatory work will be based on changes in the weather, ready to run the ignition. Replacement of equipment to ensure improved thermal This year, the Binhai New Area will add nearly 500 million square meters heating area, but the heat did not increase. To ensure the heating quality, equipment maintenance and renovation work is essential. "At the end of September, Coastal Energy Company 166 Division has completed equipment maintenance work, in response to the gap this winter heating operation, the company has successively implemented four heating and increase heat to ensure the reconstruction project. "Cui Liang, deputy general manager of Coastal Energy Company said four transformation Project, namely, heat fan base and Plant transformation frequency to the coal project, the coastal power plant to increase temperature and pressure devices, heat four plants outside the system reconstruction project, and import and export of mixing water within the boiler of the project, and the coastal heat Power plant boiler on the implementation of the transformation 1-3. Meanwhile, the Tanggu the heating unit has invested 10 million yuan, increase or decrease the number of heating facilities, this year, Newport Hui essence of thermal heating and expansion of the company's 3 sets of 29 MW hot water Boilers, and heating the additional 14 MW Taku water heating boiler will be put into work. "Although the heating season each year is only 4 months, but the heating has to prepare for 8 months, equipment maintenance, transformation of the network will be carried out in the production of off-season." Hangu district heating management station Yangru Chen Director introduced According to the heating situation in previous years, this year, Hangu district conducted on 10 old pipe network renovation project, 1 million households this year will be a warm winter. Dagang heating sector also Triumph Court, Fuk Court, the district was waiting for spring Head Road, outside the building each unit plus valves, pipe network transformation project, and the implementation of the revitalization Road, south of heating pipe renovation. First into the heating equipment environmental protection projects With low-carbon awareness of environmental protection, the works have been printed on "green" label, heating engineering is no exception, this year, two low-carbon technologies will be involved in environmental protection zone as a whole heating work. "We work with ZTE Energy cooperation of the coastal power plant boiler No. 2 energy services 'combined heat and power plant boiler phase change heat transfer promotion FXH Technical' put into use at the same time, condensed water recycling projects will also be put into use in the near future. "The vice president of Coastal Energy Company Li Cui Liang introduce energy-saving services of boilers, circulating fluidized bed boiler is a composite phase change to technological innovation, and softened water through the boiler flue gas heat exchanger in the form of increased water temperature, increase boiler efficiency, the annual festival is expected to 660 tons of coal. In addition, "the top is", "honest Bunge" condensed water recycling projects will also be put into use in the near future, forecasted recovery of 1 million tons of condensate, while the "Toyota", "Ting Yi", "top-chun" and other condensation water recycling experiments Heating season will be conducted this year, once the trial is successful, at least 70 degrees Celsius about 10 million tons of condensate as replenishment of the boiler into the process system, will save a lot of water and fuel, creating huge economic benefits. In addition Some energy saving, insulation and other technologies will also be put into use during this year's Winter Games.

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