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Research progress heats up heat exchanger to apply at air conditioning system co
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Use the proportion that brought about place of air conditioning specific power consumption to take social total specific power consumption of air conditioning system in great quantities bigger and bigger. Accordingly, the specific power consumption that reduces air conditioning system is right reduce construction cost can, managing the sources of energy has important sense. Complete heat exchanger is one kind can reduce air conditioning bear, managing system the specific power consumption, efficient and energy-saving product that improves systematic efficiency. It solved improvement effectively indoor air quality and air conditioning are energy-saving the contradiction between, in air conditioning system cannot replace in energy-saving domain. Completely hot heat exchanger is a kind of efficient and energy-saving product, it can use the energy in discharging wind to come beforehand cold (warm-up) introduce indoor new wind, enter in new wind indoor or the watch of air-conditioner group is cold implement before undertaking heating up wet process, reduce (increase) Xin Fenghan is worth, reduce the new wind load of 50%-80% of air conditioning system. Its use can drop negative charge of air conditioning system effectively, raise air conditioning system to run efficiency, reduce installed capacity of equipment of air conditioning system, specific power consumption of system of greatly economic air conditioning and moving charge. Effective ground solved completely hot heat exchanger to raise indoor air quality and air conditioning energy-saving the contradiction between, in air conditioning system the effect that cannot replace is had in energy-saving domain. Runner type heats up heat exchanger and board wing type to heat up heat exchanger completely completely is products of two kinds of the commonnest completely hot heat exchanger. It is more mature that runner type heats up heat exchanger to develop earlier, technology completely, heat up wet exchange efficiency with its tall, performance is steadier the mainstream product that waited for a characteristic to become completely hot heat exchanger. But, the athletic part that as a result of its oneself place takes needs to waste certain energy, and because the structure is inherent blemish, air leak and problem of core body pollution still cannot avoid, accordingly it serves as energy-saving product, its are integrated the effect got be affected certainly. Runner type heat exchanger is main by turn core, gearing, accuse timing device and airframe to form oneself. Turn core is runner type the main body of complete heat exchanger, it can use all sorts of different material and craft to be made. At present mature practice is to use aluminum foil or alloy steel to serve as basic material, add the absorption of heat such as vitriolic natrium, sodium chloride and chloridize lithium to agent and hygroscopic agent and the size that increase strength are machined and be become; Also have use silicate kind corporeal agglomeration and become composite material makes. Runner submits beehive form, the appearance becomes round of entity and turn. Inside heat exchanger turn coming back, set two side to divide clapboard, on half pass new wind, below half pass indoor platoon wind, make new wind and platoon wind retrorse and refluent. Runner the rate with 8-10r/min is slow rotate, the platoon cold quantity of heat is collected in wind fight in what enclothe hygroscopic coating corrode matrix of aluminium alloy foil in, deliver new wind next. Air passes matrix with the velocity of flow of 2.5-3.5m/s, the difference in temperature that relies on new wind and platoon wind and water vapour cent press difference to undertake heating up wet exchange. So, it can reclaim already show heat, again can reclaim latent heat

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