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50 stations in eastern Jinan complete transformation of the main heat exchange
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Winter heating season is about to begin, the six provincial capital in eastern road "to change the water vapor" competent network has been all through, heating sector 50 plots along the heat transfer station has been transformed, the original "Steam - water" heat exchanger into the "water - water" heat exchanger. Currently, the district heat exchange station construction to what extent? Temperature and high pressure hot water and hot water into the residents in how to achieve transformation? Reporters has conducted some visits. Transformation of the main heat exchanger is replacing station equipment heat exchanger 2 at 2 pm, this reporter went to Court, heat transfer stations in Foshan, in order to meet the east "Steam change the water" project, the heat transfer station is required from the original "Steam - water" heat exchanger into a "water - water" for heat. From the outside, an ordinary two-storey residential building and is almost the same, but a variety of indoor and been newly installed pipes and fill the heat exchanger, heating technicians are check valves on the heat transfer equipment and instrument tables. According to reports, where the equipment modification has been completed and is in the final stages of debugging. This reporter saw a layer of heat exchange station in Foshan Court, installing a heat exchanger, electric valves, softening tank, water supply pump, circulating valves and other equipment. These devices through a variety of pipes and valves connected to the pipeline thick dense. "The most important transformation of heat exchange station is to replace the heat exchanger." Jinan thermal technology personnel, "change the water vapor," before the transformation, where two floors are installed "gas - water" heat exchanger, and now they have all been removed , replaced the two "water - water" heat exchanger, heat supply capacity reached 13 million square meters. Technical staff reporters a brief introduction to "water - water" heat exchanger works. Wong Taiwan plant out of the high-temperature steam, the heat transfer through the first yellow platform power station, converted into hot water, after completion of "change of water vapor," director of reconstruction of the heating network, heat transfer into the district stations. "Yellow power out of the water table is 1.3 MPa pressure is generally not suitable for residents of the home heating facilities." The staff said that high temperature and high pressure hot water through the heat exchanger into the hot water pressure of about 0.4 MPa After the second pipe into the residents of the home. Jinan heat-related staff said that this year has been completed "to change the water vapor" transform the culture Road, Heping Road, Zi Qian Road, Swallow Hill Road, Alexander Road, Zhu Shun Road, involving a total of six sections of the heat transfer station in need of rehabilitation more than 50 At present, these heat transfer stations have basically completed the installation, final commissioning. After the cold water is quite hot temperatures of up to fifty or sixty degrees home This reporter saw Foshan Court, heat stations, two new heat exchanger installed in the cabinets look like two rectangular, with internal heat transfer film, the north side of the top and bottom in the heat exchanger to write a "hot feed", " heat out, "while the south side of the corresponding words" cool out "," cold into the "character, high-temperature water and cold water," water - water "conversion to be done here to achieve heat transfer. Jinan thermal and technical personnel, from the yellow station power plants out of hot water delivery, through the competent network into the heat exchanger, the temperature could reach 130 ℃, and advance through the second pipe network among the low-temperature heat exchanger into the water, will be hot water hot heat, increased to 50 ℃ to 60 ℃, and then piped into households in the heat. "Cold water absorbs heat to what extent, according to outdoor temperature regulation and control." Jinan, connection heat exchanger technical staff pointed to the electric valve, said head of this valve can automatically control the flow of hot water in the network, if the outdoor temperature low, the temperature increase water flow, low temperature water will be hot to the usual high temperature, so that the residents of the home heating up. Completion of a process task, high-temperature water circulating pump can also be the pressure for recycling by the return pipe to reach the first stop when the yellow heat transfer units, the temperature can reach seventy to eighty degrees Celsius, the water will begin a new cycle. Sent to residents in the low-temperature warm water circulating pump through the pressure will once again enter the heat exchanger, to continue to recycle. The technical staff that in order to prevent the residents of the home heating network rust blocked, now also installed within the heat exchange station softening tank, heat exchange equipment put into operation, low temperature water tank to go through a softening filter, water purification after the second injection pipe into the heat exchanger, and ultimately to the residents of the home heating facilities. "Steam change the water," two more next year to continue to transform sections of heat exchange station Jinan Municipal Public Utilities Board responsible person said that the original line of yellow steam pipe to reach the Tainan culture, West and calendar along the mountain road over a distance of 13 kilometers, 11 kilometers outside the steam pipe heating limit, in the winter when the temperature drop , there will be enough steam pressure, directly affect the heating quality. In order to improve the quality of the provincial capital in eastern heating, heat from the start this year, "change the water vapor," renovation project, and plans to be completed in three years in the provincial capital, "the water vapor change" transformation. "This year 'change of water vapor, is a project to complete the length of 80.8 km pipe network transformation." The official said that after the completion of the competent network along the North Park Road - the Second Ring Road - Culture Road - into the ring with Li Shan In addition, Tainan, respectively, along the Yellow River Road, Alexander Road, Peace Road, Second Ring Road connecting to the laying of pipelines and pipeline Lishan, the current head of the newly installed heating network has achieved all through, and complete the injection water will control the corresponding heat transfer Station renovation has been largely completed, can guarantee the normal heating this winter heating season. "Achieving the heat 'change of water vapor, after the heat loss from 20% to 5%, the quality will improve along the heating." The official said. Thermal relevant responsible person said, Jinan, the provincial capital will start next year, "change the water vapor," Phase transformation, the initial plan south of Jinan-Qingdao, yellow station power plant - along the west of the Second Ring Road, Shuitun Road - moat - Lok Man Road - Youth Road, east of road north of the region by the heat Ten pipeline construction, while the "gas - water" heat exchanger station to the "water - water" heat exchanger station conversion. Most of the heat source plant has fire heaters (Reporter light) heating has entered the countdown! 3, the reporter from the Jinan Municipal Public Utilities Board was informed that currently the majority of the provincial capital ignition heaters heat plant has been ready to begin heating. If the recent sharp decline in temperature, the heat source plant will be sent promptly to the residents of the home warm, so that the residents indoor temperature standards. Jinan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau, said the responsible person, in order to make heating boiler in a short time after the start of a normal operation, Whey spring, Jinjiling other major heat source plant has started the ignition heater. Boiler furnace wall, furnace gradually warming up, with the heating conditions, if temperatures drop sharply in the 8th, the major heat source plant will be ready to send to the residents of the home warm. Currently, Jinan City, has reached 58 million tons of coal reserves, more than double the same period last year, can last 20 days of heating, so that this winter heating assured. In addition, to ensure that the official start of heating supply network run no leakage, reduce errors in operation, the provincial capital in advance of heating sector in each district every year to suppress test the water, so that residents of the home heating facilities in cold running , view the equipment operation, looking for pipeline leak. Jinan Municipal Public Utilities Board responsible person said that this year the provincial capital district heating a large area from 10 to suppress the work test the water began on February 15, basically completed by the end of October, the current district heating facilities of the central heating has been completed in Operation , heating unit valves, piping and the indoor heating system user to conduct a comprehensive examination rigor and timely handling of the problems identified. Heating in all preparations are in place, just waiting to see days of heating.

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