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The problem that heat up a canal manages the analysis in heat exchanger applicat
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The core component of the heat exchanger that heat up a canal is hot tube. Hot tube is a kind of new-style photograph becomes efficient to conduct heat component, its conduct heat distinctly the great interest that character aroused people, applied domain enlarges the ground from the space, expand from industry civil [1] . However, develop flourishingly in the technology that heat up a canal today, its still are put in a few problems in industrial application, the use that can restrict the technology that heat up a canal and development develop. The author undertook study to these problems, the chemical consistence question that raised the researcher heating up a canal with reasonable inchoate solution to notice envelope material and work are simple, the hot pipe that inchoate industry uses uses cupreous material tube wall or steel copper multiple tube commonly, product cost is very high, restricted the wide application of the technology that heat up a canal on industry. Steel hydro-thermal is in charge of with its cost tall, workmanship reachs low, intensity simply get used to temperature limits wide the self-identity that got authority, wide application receives on industry, however the service life that steel hydro-thermal runs is not worth 0.5 a , cannot satisfy the requirement of industrial application. Through old research people realises, there are chemical reaction and electrochemistry reaction in steel hydro-thermal canal, this is process of a kind of corrosion of metals that eliminates impossibly also inevitably, can be restrained only or defer, accordingly, the countermeasure of problem of consistence of steel hydro-thermal canal can be the service life that prolongs hot tube only [2] . Because be in charge of the chemistry with material and simple work antipathic sex, make molten steel hot be in charge of interior happening to corrode generation not to coagulate gas is hydric. Hydric more, heat exchange result is worse, hydric accumulation can make to certain level heat is in charge of complete funeral be lost to heat up a function. The heat exchanger heating up a canal of gas phase heat exchange uses the aggrandizement that add costal region to conduct heat outside hot tube, wing piece the form is chosen more wear piece or gyroidal twine piece, these wings piece the structure is compact, costal region is changed than tall, the effect is apparent, but defect is extremely easy the knot that accumulate ash dirties. To tall dust fluid, although wing piece span takes 12 ~ 20 m m , also can appear to accumulate ash badly below certain circumstance. To containing dirt fluid high, at present incline to at the choice the following 2 kinds of structures. (Row of 1) axial symmetry sheet is fore-and-aft wing of straight costal region piece this wing piece the structure is simple, make convenient, opposite costal region is changed than low, accumulate ash not easily. If the wing piece make it differs tall, reduce backside wing namely piece height, can decrease further accumulate ash. It is better that at present the heat exchanger heating up a canal of this structure already threw industrial application effect. (Nailhead of 2) nailhead canal is in charge of those who regard heat exchange as equipment to conduct heat component is general and multi-purpose amass grey position at caking property. For example, in the convection room of fuel heating furnace, jam to reduce those who heat up tubal heat exchanger to accumulate ash, in the constant decompression heating furnace that the intake air heater of the air that heat up a canal that becomes nailhead control uses at be fuel with containing sulfur oil high, cast with do not have for years accumulate ash to jam phenomenon.

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