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Those who be based on ANSYS is complete solder board type heat exchanger
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Use ANSYS 9. 0 finite yuan of program to soldering completely board type heat exchanger was in charge of side gather box to undertake stress is analysed, won case of gather tubal side each answer to stress and Mises equivalent force and be out of shape result, the design that is join board and be out of shape the analysis provided academic basis. Board type heat exchanger is one kind passes thermal efficiency tall, cover an area of a face to accumulate small, installation to use convenient, weight coefficient of light, bilge is low reach the heat exchange device with compact structure. But dismountable heat exchanger of type board type, as a result of the limitation of itself structure, use pressure does not exceed 2. 5MPa, use temperature does not exceed 250 ℃ , return the consistence problem Uj of existence fluid and sealed spacer. Accordingly, to increase the use temperature of board type heat exchanger and pressure, enlarge its scope of application, develop domestic and internationally in succession, made a variety of soldering heat exchanger of type board type, have complete solder type board type heat exchanger and half solder type board type heat exchanger two kinds big. These soldering board type heat exchanger uses already increasingly at the domain such as chemical industry, oil, motivation, metallurgy heat, cooling, condensation, evaporate and heat reclaims in waiting for a process. Use after soldering, board type heat exchanger can susceptive pressure and temperature increase greatly, sealed performance is good. Pass ANSYS analysis, reach stress field cloud atlas from node displacement cloud atlas but relatively the position of the metabolic case that sees stress forthrightly and the greatest stress, raised computational precision, computation can serve as as a result solder completely board type heat exchanger joins board the structure is designed and be out of shape academic basis of the analysis. Method of this kind of calculation is in the project is actual in can apply extensively.

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