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Water lukewarm air conditioning and air conditioning of report walking along flu
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Air conditioning system is medium in the center of general family expenses chosen water aircraft equipment is wind group of cold heat engine of cold hot pump, of generation cold / hot water sends each indoor plane through PRR canal join (fan coil) in, achieve refrigeration to control hot function. Water machine and fluorine machine each has his strong point, each have insufficient place. In family expenses project of central air conditioning has wide application, return so that in the light of the demand of the user and project particular case undertakes choosing. Because the flow in pipeline is water, have difference in temperature sending wind small, the characteristic with comfortable tall sex, machine of fluorine of dehumidify ability unlike is powerful in that way at the same time, won't appear in air conditioning room the phenomenon such as buccal doing, can let a person feel very comfortable, and if be fluorine machine, be about to install basin water between air conditioning. Basically pass compressor of water lukewarm control to open in energy adjustment respect stop, installation demand is low, project cost is low. Additionally one kind is much equipment of frequency conversion lug, basically stand for day, the equipment of Japanese brand class such as big gold, have control precision is tall, frequency conversion is energy-saving wait for an advantage. But the capacity is made up not agile, temperature sending wind is big, electronic-controlled the system is complex, maintain cost tall, the characteristic with project high cost, also have in user of a few high end apply. Fluorine machine has two kinds of forms: One kind pulls equipment and family expenses ark to register machine form for sheet identical. Just inside engine level form take-overs of length different, cost of project of this kind of means is relative taller, what have central air conditioning again is beautiful with form sending wind. Serve as heat source with boiler commonly; General need digs a deep well when refrigeration (30 meters or so) , it is good to add a sumbersible pump again. Energy-saving effect is very outstanding, when what choosing to fasten a form, suit the air conditioning form of oneself demand, just be best form. Water lukewarm air conditioning is to pass water lukewarm discretion to come true make heat or refrigeration, the power of engine of Electromechanical of 3P clothes closet of series resembling water ability 35W, although switch on the mobile phone 24 hours a day, ability 0.84KW, one day is used for a time report is less than (the electric machinery power of water pump did not include) . And air conditioning walking along fluorine a hour of at least more than 3000 tile, this difference. . .

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