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Parallel of car air conditioning sheds computer of function of type condenser he
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Parallel of car air conditioning sheds computer of function of type condenser heating power to assist an analysis

1. Gong Yan is pressed 2. Zhang Xingqun 1. Zheng Weizhi 2. Xiang Huiyu

(1. Automation of machinery of Beijing industrial and commercial university learns courtyard Beijing 100037 2. Refrigeration of Xi'an traffic university and microtherm project institute, shaanxi Xi'an 710049)

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Keyword: Parallel of? of  grieve small cup sheds type condenser; to emulate

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To go after higher heat exchange performance, condenser of car air conditioning is ordinal experienced a canal piece belt of type, canal, multivariate one parallel sheds the configuration such as parallel shedding type type condenser is by the canal belt condenser development evolves and come, also be by flat tube and waviness wing piece composition, leave likewise on carbon fin have shutter seam, flat tube is every are cut off, two end have header, basis header is divided not section, can divide for multivariate parallel shedding type and unit parallel sort type. The condenser header of unit type is not interrupted, direction of refrigeration agent flow is consistent; is multivariate the condenser of type, there is spacer to interrupt in header, number of every paragraphs of canal is different, when the condenser that take a person, refrigeration agent presents gaseous state, specific volume is the largest, tubal number is maximum also, as refrigeration agent gradually condensation becomes a liquid, its specific volume is reduced, pipe number also becomes little accordingly, the structure of flow of this kind of flexible is designed, make the effective cubage of condenser gets the most reasonable use, the flow that makes make cryogen and heat exchange circumstance more hasten is reasonable, make in same with the wind below the face, advection type construction and photograph of tubal belt structure are compared, heat exchange function raised 30% above; and air side obstruction is changeless, reduce obstruction of side of; refrigeration agent to reduce 7000^'80% even. Parallel condenser drifting type absorbed each new technology that provides belt, it is refrigeration agent what be changed into R134a from R12 is optimum replace model, in view of a lot of advantage of multivariate and parallel condenser drifting type, it already became the condenser form that has an outlook most at present.
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