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The fluid in CGSE the design of the microtherm boiling heat exchanger that indic
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The fluid in CGSE the design of the microtherm boiling heat exchanger that indicates stability

Chen Shujun, wang Rongshun, shi Yumei (refrigeration of Shanghai traffic university and microtherm project institute, shanghai 200240)

Summary: Uncut jade of childish of С of Ma of buttock busy Bei drives low 矯 GSE is to be used at refrigeration the magnetic body component of AMS02 of magnetism chart appearance will exceed the 2nd acting alpha the microtherm equipment system of Du Wa of magnet of AMS02 of infuse drifting helium. The introduction is used at the fluid in CGSE system the low temperature of fluid infusion type that indicates stability is boiling heat exchanger, feature of principle of the technical character that introduced heat exchanger, design, structure and technology ask. This low temperature boils the structural feature of heat exchanger basically depends on two cylindrical shell use, add among them note liquid and outfit fluid plan stable canister and boiling heat exchange canister are departure, connect through sealing a head, the fluid that reduced boiling to cause plan signal is fluctuant. Features of another a structure are to collect tracheal use, reduced air current to fluid concussion. Realized fluid finally the directive is stable, improved the heat exchange performance of microtherm boiling heat exchanger, have remarkable economic benefits and social beneficial result.

Keyword: AMS02;CGSE; low temperature boils structure of heat exchanger; is designed

1 foreword

Appearance of alpha magnetism chart (AlphaMagneticSpectrometer, abbreviation AMS) is the large international that by nobel prize gainer Professor Ding Zhaozhong leads cooperative research project, will be appearance of chart of the first when the mankind sends astrospace large magnetism. Its main goal is what to measure high-energy cosmic rays accurately is in in the earthly air deep space that is as high as 430km place from earthly surface can chart, search antimatter and dark material, determine the content of each element and isotope in cosmic ray, research γ ray and take new bizarre physics appearance.

In June 1998, AMS01 follows discovery space shuttle STS-91 is in date the test-fly in the aerospace of 320km ~ 390km went 10 days. What what use in AMS01 is Nd2Fe14B of permanent magnetic body, it can generate the magnetic field strength of very even 0.15T. And AMS02 stands installation in international space (in ISS) , the plan works 3 years with superconductive condition above. The magnetic field strength that can generate in AMS02 is 6 times of the magnetic field strength that can generate in AMS01. So high magnetic field intensity is through exceeding refrigeration drifting helium superconductive magnet is fastened all and get [1-3] .

The most crucial part in AMS02 is superconductive magnet. The microtherm area that participate in collaboration to design by Shanghai traffic university and creates independently supports equipment (CGSE) system is right before blast off the superconductive magnet refrigeration that finish, test and super- shed helium to add the important system that fix, one of heat exchanger that this system place uses are fluid the low temperature of fluid infusion type that indicates stability is boiling heat exchanger. In whole research process, CGSE will participate in magnetic body to be in England, Europe nucleus research center (the combination of KSC of bureau of space of CERN) , Europe and center of American Kennedy spaceflight is debugged, before blasting off finally, platform blasts off to go up to shed helium to AMS02 Bu Manchao in the space shuttle of KSC.
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