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The provides a heat exchange of type heat exchanger and obstruction character nu
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The provides a heat exchange of type heat exchanger and obstruction character numerical value of the generator that add eddy studies

Hu Moling tubal brave

(Environment of Lanzhou traffic university and municipal project institute, gansu Province Lanzhou 730070)

Summary: Adopt numeric simulative method, studied generator of alula type eddy discharges round canal to provide a heat exchange of fuse of type heat exchange and the effect with characteristic obstruction to the fault, compared light board and aggrandizement of the generator that add eddy the metabolic rule of number of transverse and the speed field of board core, average Nu and coefficient of average convection heat exchange, obstruction coefficient, to raise its further heat exchange function, improve a wing piece structure, design is new-style heat exchanger provided academic basis.

Keyword: Heat exchanger; Aggrandizement heat exchange; Eddy generator; Numeric imitate

The graph classifies date in: TF066. 2 1; TB115 document label piles up: A article number: 1004, 7948(2006)07, 0023, 03

1. foreword

Be in charge of a type heat exchanger to be applied extensively at the domain such as chemical industry, air conditioning, refrigeration, its conduct heat to study characteristicly with obstruction is one of specific tasks that pass heat industry to use research. The immediate application setting of the article is diesel locomotive uses radiator. The cooling water in engine from diesel engine, medium cold implement the quantity of heat that in reaching heat exchanger of of all kinds grease, takes away should send out through radiator entirely go in atmosphere. Measure from the experiment, when engine uses radiator to be below rated operating mode, thermal resistance of air side exothermic occupies the 80 % above of total thermal resistance, and the 20 % that thermal resistance of cooling pipe wall and the sum of thermal resistance of water side exothermic take total thermal resistance only are the following. Accordingly, raise diesel locomotive to conduct heat with radiator the efficient way that coefficient K is worth is to search what low altitude of beg to surrender enrages side thermal resistance to improve plan, adopt measure to increase coefficient of heat exchange of air side convection. Heat exchange of eddy generator aggrandizement is 20 centuries mechanism of heat exchange of a kind of when the later period in 80 time appears new-style aggrandizement, the special development surface that it regards a kind as to had been machined improves condition of convection heat exchange effectively, in last few years more and more be taken seriously. Saboya and Sparrow use naphthalene sublimate to pass simple test, obtain only tube bank, two tube bank, 3 tube bank to be in charge of the curve of character of local heat exchange of a type heat exchanger. Rich used experimental method to study a wing piece the influence that span, number tubal a platoon discharges check to the fault.
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