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Moire canal heat exchanger reachs his to be in ammoniac condensation system expl
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Moire canal heat exchanger reachs his to be in ammoniac condensation system explain application

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Summary: The aggrandizement that introduced moire canal heat exchanger passes hot mechanism to reach conduct heat the thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China of component makes technology, the heat exchange property that manages heat exchanger with light undertook comparative, reach the applied situation in atmosphere condensation system.

Keyword: Diathermancy of aggrandizement of moire canal heat exchanger can be comparative ammoniac condenser

Chemical production often asks to undertake below constant temperature, conducting heat is one of the commonnest unit operations in chemical production process, and the implementation that conduct heat often is finished through of all kinds heat exchanger. Envelope type heat exchanger is to apply a most extensive kind to conduct heat at present equipment, the investment proportion that comparative is had in chemical enterprise. As level of technology of our country economy rise ceaselessly, people is right efficient and energy-saving model the demand of heat exchange equipment also year after year rises. Because this development and application are efficient equipment of envelope type heat exchange is right economic installation cost and the real significance with raise the heat exchange function of equipment to have quite important.

Ripple of stainless steel thin wall runs heat exchanger series (tube wall ply is 0.5 one 0.8 M M) is the heat exchange equipment that a kind of efficient aggrandizement conduct heat. This product 1996 accredit is a country practical and new-style patent. Through the application of equipment of a few industry, show this product produces technical day attain mature, aggrandizement conducts heat the effect is distinct, energy-saving economy, the structure is compact, save rolled steel, relatively wide application receives in the industrial device such as metallurgy heating and electric power. To get used to the operation condition of petro-chemical device high temperature, high pressure, in last few years, the development that large wall ripple runs and development work gain comprehensive success, win successful application in industrial device. Its are double-faced aggrandizement conducts heat the effect is distinct, be device of oil, chemical industry dig go transform and energy-saving section endowment offerred new approach.

1 ripple is in charge of the aggrandizement of heat exchanger to spread hot mechanism

Conduct heat index of a the system is heat exchange equipment main technique, the convection of surface of aggrandizement heat exchange conducts heat is to rise conduct heat the significant step of coefficient. The aggrandizement of moire canal heat exchanger conducts heat come true through the moire pipe that processes via special technology. Moire canal conducts heat component is will common light the canal presses treatment via boiling by special device and become. Roll the pipe after pressing (the annular ripple that sees the surface inside graph 1) formed periodic change is raised, the high difference between its wave crest and trough is 1.6 M M about, wave be apart from for 18 Mm, the heating surface area outside the canal is 0.078 5 M2/m. It is when the fluid inside moire canal, when outflow is moved, as a result of current and sectional the constant change with direction of velocity of flow, bring about a fluid to add in generation of moire and raised place disturb, changed craft liquid to stop thereby the condition of going from place to place of attrib border layer. In other words, the effect that destroys laminar flow ground floor arrived since, the capacity giving heat that increased to stand by the onflow intensity near tube wall and onflow, make laminar flow is mixed transfer stream achieve onflow to conduct heat. When onflow is about to disappear, the fluid sheds classics the next again moire and raised, ceaseless generation axial disturbs, hold stable and successive aggrandizement action, rose to conduct heat thereby rate. Its are in charge of the moire surface that foreign minister should form, not only expanded to conduct heat area, also increased to disturb, make conduct heat the effect rises significantly. Accordingly, moire canal came true finally long-term and stable bilateral aggrandizement conducts heat. General its K is worth commonner light to be in charge of heat exchanger to rise 2 times the left and right sides, can reduce heating surface area to make an appointment with 40% above.
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