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The advantage of board type heat exchanger
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Make board liquid flow forms turbulence. Make plate can follow different pressure. "Herringbone " Xiao the flow path of grain board is by 2 people handwriting horn differs 180 degrees photograph adjacent board piece composition. Reason board piece horn nods a persistence a lot of, can achieve every 130mm 2 a bit. Flow path is out of shape not easily, compression is taller, can bear to press difference formidably. Because flow,be three-dimensional at the same time, onflow is more acuteness, because this conducts heat coefficient is tall.

Principle of job of board type heat exchanger

The board type heat exchanger that our company produce all is used " herringbone " moire.

Board sheet makings: SUS304, SUS316L or ask according to the user.

Ply (Mm) : 0.6 ~ 1

Spacer material: Balata of fourth nitrile balata, third of 3 yuan of second, fluorine balata or ask according to the user.

The structure is compact:

The space that board type heat exchanger occupies is current in all sorts of heat exchanger a lesser kind, the 1/3 ~ 1/4 that below similar heat exchange requirement board type heat exchanger covers an area of an area to just be in charge of shell type heat exchanger, and when disassembling, do not need to take up extra maintenance space.

Conduct heat coefficient is tall:

As a result of board piece the medium of the flow in the group is counted in inferior Reynolds (when Re) , can form onflow, and smooth board piece go up to generate bilge not easily, because this has very tall pass thermal efficiency, in ordinary water and hydro-thermal exchange, of board type heat exchanger conduct heat coefficient can achieve above of ℃ of 5000w/m 2, taller than be in charge of shell type heat exchanger to want 3-8 times.

Heat reclaims rate is high:

Because conduct heat coefficient is tall, flow-rate ratio character is exceedingly good increase completely converse flow, conduct heat difference in temperature can be chosen very bottom, accordingly special agree with caloric of low potential energy reclaims, the heat that uses heat exchanger of odd bedplate type to achieve 90% above reclaims leading is feasible economically.

Adaptability is big:

Can fold heat exchanger of type board type to have without with by compared adaptability. After be being installed, plate piece the group is OK increase and decrease suits enlarge contractible craft requirement.

Sluggish flow is low:

Because its flow path is lesser, sluggish flow is very little, reason can fast start, the response when control operates a change is quick, and reduced equipment weight greatly.

Maintenance is convenient:

Board piece the design makes its do not have blind angle area, do not need to disassemble so can undertake in the spot chemistry is cleaned, to detachable type board type heat exchanger also can be opened easily undertake complete machine is cleaned.
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