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The new method of imitate of integral numerical value that changes heat exchange
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The new method of imitate of integral numerical value that changes heat exchanger drifting lever to figure function

Guo Chongzhi, bridge spring

(College of industry of Hua Na grain, guangdong Guangzhou 510640)

Summary: To realize numeric to the whole of heat exchanger function imitate, elaborated a kind " section imitate, whole is integrated " new method of imitate of numerical value of envelope type heat exchanger, its core idea is what reach its flow path in the geometrical structure to heat exchanger is hydromechanical and conduct heat on the base that character has qualitative analysis and structure are classified, to section of flow path of heat exchanger interior, build the complete and hypostatic three-dimensional model of typical flow path and reseau model, and build the data between section model contact plan, the local data that reachs numeric imitate finally undertakes be handlinged integratedly.

Keyword: Fold heat exchanger drifting lever; Section builds a model; Numeric imitate

The graph classifies date in: TK174 document label piles up: A article number: 1000, 6613(2007)08, 1198, 04

Those who use software of numeric imitate computation to undertake envelope type heat exchanger is hydromechanical can calculate with diathermancy reach evaluate one of important instruments that had made development and heat exchanger of research envelope type [1] , because structure and flow path are complex, the hydromechanical function that causes accurate ground to undertake heat exchanger and diathermancy can be calculated and evaluate have very great difficulty [2] . The paper that publishs publicly at present is right the research of heat exchanger function, use local model to undertake mostly, namely method of alleged and unit flow path [the method of 3-5] or local analysis. But those who use three-dimensional and hypostatic model to undertake computational analytic to function of heat exchanger whole is very few see, although use analysis of three-dimensional and hypostatic model, most investigator is confined to those who study small measure to simplify model function studies the three-dimensional whole substance of model heat exchanger [6-8] . The article is aimed at current current situation and calculate to realize the imitate of the integral function of heat exchanger of large envelope type, on the base that has assessment to function of heat exchanger structure and its flow path, put forward section to build model, section to divide imitate of net, section, integrated finally numeric imitate to study train of thought [9] . For test and verify this is planted the rationality of computational method, undertake in the structure of the heat exchanger that regards computation as the object to some reasonable on simplifying foundation, section built this heat exchanger

The model of three-dimensional and hypostatic geometry of housing Cheng structure and reseau model, benefit maneuver calculates hydromechanical software Fluent, after defining the join mode between section to what building section model, undertook the imitate of section model numerical value of heat exchanger, got relevant local parameter distributings, the expression of main performance data that has the result of local parameter be handlinged integratedly gettinged integral heat exchanger finally.
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