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New-style row is in charge of heat exchanger of type black lead to produce mediu
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New-style row is in charge of heat exchanger of type black lead to produce medium application in synthetic ammonia

Song Jianbo

(ammonium of saltpetre of Shandong Hai Huahua dragon limited company   two hundred and sixty-one thousand and fifty-five)

Yan Zhijun

(limited company of equipment of chemical industry of Qingdao Jin Likang two hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred)

Summary: Brief introducing the characteristic of black lead heat exchanger, use circumstance and economic benefits.

Keyword: Heat exchanger of black lead of the type that list a canal synthesizes ammonia to produce application

In synthesizing ammonia to produce a course, accompanying quantity of heat to exchange from beginning to end, particularly right summertime air temperature rises for fertilizer company, compressor goes to work do not exert oneself the phenomenon exists generally.

Summertime air temperature rises, enter after to decoke of half water gas clean a tower, and clean a tower to insolate in burning sun below, temperature is as high as 40 ~ 43 ℃ , make half water gas is pressed in the water saturation vapour of 40 ℃ for H2O of 880 m m (8. a of 63 k P) , half water gas is in H2O of 2600 m m (25. a of 50 k P) (G) piece clean a tower to enter compressor a paragraph, general by clean a tower to compressor manager of a paragraph half water gas grows 100 m , velocity of flow is 8 ~ s of 10 m / , 44 ℃ can be achieved before temperature arrives at compressor, consequently compressor exists in the summer " weak " phenomenon.

In summertime water Wen Gao, compressor " weak " , conduct heat effect difference, specific power consumption is tall it is the main problem that restricts synthetic ammonia production, to fertilizer company, the summer is sale busy season, need produces device full load to move. In the light of above problem we passed iteration research, the decision uses new-style row to be in charge of heat exchanger of type black lead, before one paragraph is being used in compressor, obtained good economic benefits.

Equipment of heat exchanger of 1 new-style black lead

(1 ) do not appear sexual graphite material

Showing sexual black lead is the structural data that by man-made black lead and synthetic resin pass the method such as macerate, suppress, mould one kind to be made new-style, it and other everything is metalloid anti-corrosive the distinction of material depends on, stabilize function besides the chemistry that has height, still have extremely tall heat conduction property and do not pollute medium, not easy knot dirties, consequently greatly expanded its use range.

In chemical stability respect, do not show sexual black lead besides strong oxidisability acid is reached alkaline outside, chemical to much medium is anticorrosive, special the medium that contains chloric ion.

In thermal conductivity respect, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of macerate black lead is 100 ~ K of · of m of 110 W / , its coefficient of thermal conductivity and copper, aluminous similar, it is common carbon steel 2. 5 times above, making its heat exchanger normally is a basis this one characteristic.
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