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2.25 C r - 1 M o does not become rusty of heat exchanger of high pressure of h
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2.25 C r - 1 M o does not become rusty of heat exchanger of high pressure of hydrogenation of compound armor plate make

Wang Yong

(Anhui is filled with achieve petrifaction overhaul to install Anqing of Anhui of finite liability company 246001)

Summary: Bright Xiang  is disrelished dash forward locust circles mother of Lan of garden of е of interconnected system of group of  of  of enthalpy of pay attention to of spruce  of have a nightmare to crash enough locust circles material of? its main body to be r of 2 25 C - 0 C of 1 M o 18 N of r 11 T of i i compound armor plate, shape to making a head in the process, heat, respect of reciprocity of heat treatment, group had brief introduction.

Keyword: Care Sun crashs enough locust circles r of?2 25 C - 0 C of 1 M o 18 N of r 11 T of i i is compound armor plate; is made

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1 equipment brief introduction

Heat exchanger of the feedstock oil that mix hydrogen is Anqing petrifaction refinery the crucial equipment that the 2nd hydrogenation refines unit transforms extend, the operating mode such as hydrogen and vulcanization hydrogen is faced for a long time in high temperature, high pressure next moving, main body material chooses r of 2 25 C - 0 C of 1 M o 18 N of r 11 T of i i compound armor plate, pass analysis, test, made shape reasonably reach assemble technology program, solved large wall of compound armor plate roll make, seal a head to shape, group reciprocity difficult problem, equipment classics examines finally, each index all eligible, satisfied design requirement.

Heat exchanger of the feedstock oil that mix hydrogen is assembled by jackknife of U of 2 high pressure heat exchanger tubal form and become, belong to 3 kinds of pressure vessel, if its structure pursues 1, main design parameter sees a table 1.   

Equipment housing and tubal box cylinder and ellipse seal a head to all use r of 2 25 C - 18 N of r of C of 1 M o 11 T of i clad steel of i stainless steel board, take-over housing and flange, tubal box flange are integral forging, stainless steel of wall v double deck, namely r of 2 25 C - E of 309 of E of v of 1 M o 347 take-over flange, housing is in charge of box flange sealing surface to be metallic ellipse mat and anise mat namely.

2 heads squelch

Because seal thickness of plate of head mother capable person to amount to 50 m m , and the diameter is 1000 m m only, because this seals a head to shape,must use hot pressing, but rolled steel basic level is chromic molybdenum steel, answer layer is the compound armor plate of austenite stainless steel, basic level and the hot figuration temperature of answer layer, heat treatment temperature and control means requirement are abhorrent, be in what heat up figuration or stainless steel of layer of answer of give attention to two or morethings wants already in heat treatment process to be able to bear or endure corrode function should ensure basic level is chromic again the mechanical function of molybdenum steel. Pass an analysis, think to basically should assure the mechanical function of chromic molybdenum steel. Because of stainless steel although answer layer is in 850 ℃ of 550 ~ when delay is cold, crystal boundary has the possibility 23 C of C r 6 separate out, cause crystal boundary to corrode, but its contain carbon the quantity is inferior, and contain stability element, want to adopt relevant measure to be affected in order to reduce its in construction only, if heat when, abiding by C r - M o steel heats below normative premise, shorten as far as possible stainless steel is in the retention period of sensitize area, decrease as far as possible heat when the frequency passes control hot pressing heat temperature, press temperature eventually, make the mechanical function of basic level suffers an effect less as far as possible. For this, take 2 to try board have a test, press a plan first process of be heated of 2 imitate hot pressing (advocate if strict control heats,reach press temperature eventually) will press N T together PWHT means heats up a loop, another undertakes PWHT directly (690 ℃ ± 3 h of 10 ℃ × ) , reassume appearance has mechanical property, be able to bear or endure granuality of corrode function, brilliant examines.
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