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Stainless steel ripple is in charge of the production of heat exchanger
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Stainless steel ripple is in charge of the production of heat exchanger

Zhang Long Jiao Xingqi

(City of heart of Shandong of limited company of group of Shandong China Lu Hengsheng 253024)

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Moire canal heat exchanger is a kind of new-style aggrandizement conducts heat energy-saving model equipment of efficient heat exchange, on the foundation that it is the heat exchanger of the type that list a canal in the tradition, applied aggrandizement conducts heat academic, to the breakthrough of traditional of all kinds heat exchanger, have heat exchange efficiency dirty of tall, anti-corrosive, not easy knot, moving safety is smooth wait for an advantage, below the circumstance of same heating surface area, the 2 ~ that the heat exchange quantity of moire canal heat exchanger is envelope type heat exchanger 3 times.

1 workmanship

The butt joint that 1.1 ripple are in charge of

Bought moire valve is in charge of to finalize the design, do not need a butt joint commonly, but the heat exchanger tube that discovers in checking and accept a process has nick, the likelihood is to assemble and unassemble do not take care to cause in the process. Be like afore-mentioned defective heat exchanger tube eliminate, can cause amount of total heat exchanger tube insufficient, after because this is used,curiuming place of blemish of heat exchanger tube, the method of new joining together. But such doing appear again the following two problems: Emperor rafts ň of げ of V of Ρ of courtyard bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase whizs in person pagoda tree? 2 it is use moire pipe ply has m of 0 8 m or 1 m m only, when soldering cause extremely easily burn wear, grain is bulky wait for blemish. Former use measure first wave be apart from, after the consideration curiums the mouth reachs deviation, curium in wave crest place, new group is right. Solder to solve problem, with handiwork solder of arc of tungsten pole argon undertook for many times experimenting, use the following standard to undertake soldering certainly finally: Add ~ of the?5 that embrace Si 50 A, solder speed m of m of 2 ~ 2 5 / s , argon throughput 6 L of 4 ~ / m i n , the argon inside the canal enrages 3 ~ 4 L / m i n , 0 C of welding wire H 20 N of r 10 T of i i () of m of 1 0 m , butt joint clearance is 0. After soldering, via 100% X ray detects, achieve requirement of class of I of JB 4730 94 entirely. The pipe after the butt joint chases a root to have hydraulic test, all qualification.

Of 1.2 moire canals and short connect solder

Because tube plate and ripple run ply six to one, to make ripple is in charge of with tube plate can well fusion, at the same time moire canal is crossed smoothly tube plate and fold stream board, the upright department that must run in ripple adds one Duan Yubo grain to be in charge of the short valve with wave crest same external diameter, canal of this weak point uses common stainless steel to be in charge of, its solder with what ripple is in charge of is another difficult problem.
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