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Supply plastic and centrifugal fanner
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Release time: On September 20, 2008
Company: Too storehouse chemical industry of city forestry center anticorrosive facility plant
Management mode: Production / make

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PF4, 72  series is centrifugal fanner is our company newest development, the new generation that development, elaborate design makes is anti-corrosive ventilated equipment.

The main characteristic of this fanner is: Impeller, lamina and air inlet use fibre glass to enhance polypropylene to be raw material, the mould notes the manufacturing technology that model shapes, increased the mechanical strength of impeller greatly, have movement smooth, the advantage such as low noise.

After this product impeller dish added Fu Xie annulus, the clearance that makes fan is in in locomotive process between axial diameter and housing center aperture produces negative pressure division, ensure in locomotive process poisonous and harmful corrode gas nothing more than discharge.

Fill home is blank, it is current chemical industry, medicine, rare earth, smelt, eletroplate those who wait for industry ideal is anti-corrosive ventilated equipment.

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