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Board type heat exchanger
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Release time: On September 22, 2008
Company: Suzhou limited company of science and technology of Lang Huahuan condition
Address: Suzhou city 3 popular way 718 4 buildings
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Principle of job of heat exchanger of   board type
       it is by a group of ripple plate is comprised, board on have opening, pass for two kinds of fluids that conduct heat. Plate piece inside the frame that installation has fixed head and work to move impaction board in a flank, use clamp bolt clamp.
      board piece jacket has sealed spacer, fluid passageway sealed, guide a fluid to flow to respective passageway respectively inside.
      fluid discharge, content reason is simple, pressure falls and temperature difference decided board piece amount and dimension. Ripple board raised onflow rate not only, and form a lot of strong point, enough bears the pressure between medium is poor.
      plate uses impaction board suspension with work going up on guide bar, locate by next guide bar, and lever end is fixed go up in the column that prop up, but if among them a kind of liquid or two kinds of liquids are more than inside heat exchanger pass, criterion interface should leave to move impaction board to go up in fixed head and work.
      among them, board type heat exchange piece, use major of board type heat exchanger to produce business Thermowave GmbH (limited company of technology of heat exchange of inspire confidence in sb, be located in Berga, the leader that is industry of global heat exchanger - the whole world has 7 production base now - headquarters is located in Munich - held water 1932 - Kun vacates a group - the member of  GUENTNER GROUP) product, the TL series with its outstanding performance board type heat exchanger, it is the world accepted treatment craft and pass the crystallization with heat perfect and shirt-sleeve advanced technique, with preeminent character, and reflect its outstanding performance.
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