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Supply stainless steel board type heat exchanger
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Release time: On September 20, 2008
Company: Zi rich peaceful forces limited company of heat exchange equipment
Address: Rich of city of Shandong Zi rich is a mountainous area street of blessing Shanxi mountain 32
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Connect a telephone call: 0533-8914329
Fax: -
Mobile phone: 13964349037
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Limited company of equipment of heat exchange of Zi Bo Taile is one of mainstay businesses that our country produces board type heat exchanger, unit of member of association of heat exchanger of countrywide board type, the board type heat exchanger with Shandong the largest scale produces an unit. Provincial abide by contract keep good faith enterprise. Have 4 column pull-down machine of machine of 5000 tons of accurate oil pressure, 4000 tons of accurate oil pressure each two. Force of my plant technology is abundant, tooling is excellent, detect the method is all ready. Proper motion is developed and product of the BR of development heat exchanger already amounted to 10 series, a variety of norms. The product took the lead in passing attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality 2001. ; of chemical fibber of; of food of; of medicine of; of electric power of; of chemical industry of; of oil of; of mine of; of gold of wide application Yu Ye spins shipping of; papermaking; and concentration gently of the industry such as heat addition heat; refrigeration; is antiseptic alexipharmic; evaporates heating power of; condensation; reclaims wait for a respect, the accord that won each industry user reputably!  
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