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Moire canal uses INCOLOY825 price: 330 ¥
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Release time: On September 16, 2008
Company: Stuff of new metal of Tianjin case luck is finite branch of liability company Beijing
Address: Area of Beijing rising sun east the Lu Jia austral 3 annulus 52 (suitable stride gold to get) 5D of international business affairs
Management mode: Production / make

Connect a telephone call: 010-59712557
Fax: -
Mobile phone: 13671308542
Contact: At Shao Nan (gentleman)

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Product name: INCOLOY 825
Product source: Japan / the United States
Bases: 40Ni-21Cr-3Mo-2Cu-Ti
Inventory explains:
INCOLOY 825 0.8*1219*C 6 of nickel radical alloy ton
INCOLOY 825 1.0*1219*C 5 of nickel radical alloy ton
INCOLOY 825 1.2*1219*C 6 of nickel radical alloy ton
Product description:
INCOLOY 825 is one kind added molybdenum, copper, the nickel of titanium - iron - chromic alloy. There is enough nickel to fight force in order to offer what chloric ionic stress corrodes in alloy, as a result of molybdenum, copper while exist, make alloy same in reproducibility medium performance is good. Molybdenum element still raised alloy to fight the ability of bit of corrode, chromium makes alloy is like nitric acid in oxidisability medium, nitric acid salt, the corrosion resistance in oxidisability salt can rise greatly. Pass equal heat treatment, titanium can make of alloy fight function is corroded between brilliant more outstanding.
The corrosion resistance of INCOLOY 825 can reach his outstanding. In oxidisability and reproducibility medium, corrode with stress to be being corroded between corrode of uniform corrosion, isolated corrosion, dot, crevice corrosion, brilliant wait for a variety of corroding the form all has very good counteractive capacity. Alloy is mixed in the vitriolic, phosphoric acid, flue gas that contain sulfur, acidity gas the expression in seawater is highlighted especially.
Alloy suits a variety of machining, anneal tenacity is good; Having very good weldability at the same time can.
Use a field:
Crude oil and facilities of chemical equipment, natural gas production, vitriolic wait with equipment of the production of phosphoric acid and processing, pickling. Appearance of mechanical, chemical industry, electron, environmental protection, boiler, aviation, instrument industrial equipment and machine are used extensively, special recommend in caustic below very notable case especially applicable.
Inventory explains:
The company is available inventory, but scale delivers the goods, quantity can futures trades, character ensures, delivery is seasonable.
Full standards is many inventory coils board (can leave for you smooth, scale) , flat. The welcome makes an on-the-spot investigation on the spot look around.
0.6×1000 (1219) ×C 0.7×1000 (1219) ×C 0.8×1000 (1219) ×C
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