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Butter gun
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Release time: On September 18, 2008
Company: Rich filter fills filter (Dongguan) limited company
Address: Pace of Dongguan town small house presses down adit date of S212-216 of fine lake mountain villa / pace of Dongguan town small house presses down steam of 100 course of study to match a city one street 62
Management mode: Production / make

Connect a telephone call: 0769-82312468
Fax: -
Mobile phone: 13038822678
Contact: Fu Jinlin (gentleman)

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Dongguan city rich filter fills filter limited company to be located in the Dongguan urban district that traffic advantage, economy developeds. The filter that is a major and general fittings serve trader integratedly. To satisfy the requirement of the market, company with reasonable price, offer the following and high grade product.

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Grab / fork-lift truck / compressor of machinery of plant of the car such as the project machine such as roller, car, bus, forklift, heavy-duty car, cigarette, power plant, oil field, shipping, crane, dock, metallurgy machinery, generation set, air and its filter machine of cut of system, line.

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