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Board type heat exchanger uses 904L price: 195 ¥
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Release time: On September 16, 2008
Company: Stuff of new metal of Tianjin case luck is finite branch of liability company Beijing
Address: Area of Beijing rising sun east the Lu Jia austral 3 annulus 52 (suitable stride gold to get) 5D of international business affairs
Management mode: Production / make

Connect a telephone call: 010-59712557
Fax: -
Mobile phone: 13671308542
Contact: At Shao Nan (gentleman)

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Product name: AL-904L
Product source: Japan / Germany
Bases: 20Cr-24Ni-4.3Mo-1.5Cu
Inventory explains:
904L 0.5×1219×C 13 of nickel radical alloy ton
904L 0.5×1000×C 9 of nickel radical alloy ton
904L 0.6×1219×C 17 of nickel radical alloy ton
904L 0.6×1000×C 14 of nickel radical alloy ton
The company is available inventory, can leave for you smooth, scale delivers the goods, quantity can futures trades, character ensures, delivery is seasonable. Full standards coils board (can divide for you, open smooth scale) , slab thickness from 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20. Outside removing board, my Sikedi uses strip, great ability, wire, forging, smooth club and above for solder canal all special the form a complete set of material solder material (welding rod welding wire) , can machine flange, fastener, nice spare parts, standard component to wait by the graph. Greeting incoming telegram seeks advice or make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot look around. If receive demand data,I manage of short duration does not have inventory merchandise on hand, my department can act as agent entrance.
Use a field:
Seawater handles installation, briny heat exchanger, papermaking industry equipment, equipment of vitriolic, nitric acid, make equipment of chemical industry of etc of industry of acerbity, pharmacy, pressure vessel, food equipment.

Product description:
AL-904L is a kind of when for burn-in condition slashing environmental place designs quantity that contain carbon the austenite stainless steel that very low, tall alloy converts, have sex of better corrosion resistance than 316L and 317L, at the same time give attention to two or morethings the price and function, tall sex price is compared extremely tall.
Because add the copper of 1.5% , vitriolic to resembling with phosphoric acid the acid of these reproducibility, have very outstanding corrosion resistance.
The stress that AL-904L austenite stainless steel causes to chloric ion is corroded, dot corrode and crevice corrosion also have admirable corrosion resistance can, have be able to bear or endure outstandingly ability is corroded between brilliant.
Offer sample goods form: Material of plank, strip, great ability, wire, forging, smooth club, solder, flange, can press plan treatment.
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