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Supply vibration of the machine that receive bubble dish
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Release time: On September 19, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On March 18, 2009
Company: Equipment of 10 thousand suitable accurate automation limited company
Legal entity: Zhao Juan
Establish time: 2003
Company property: The individual is solely invested enterprise
Management mode: Production / make
Address: Area of Guangzhou city white cloud 3 yuan industrial district of li of brook of highway north Tang 60 2 buildings [Guangzhou city / Guangdong]
Connect a telephone call: 020-62691090
Fax: -
Enterprise mailbox:
Network address: Http:// Id=8855
Contact: Zhao Juan (young lady)

Equipment of 10 thousand suitable accurate automation limited company is vibration of a production dish (oscillatory hopper) , oscillatory makings storehouse and oscillatory and linear professional corporation. Head office is located in Malaysia, having nearly 20 years of vibration dish manufacturing experience. Oscillatory dish of application is wide, basically use at the industry such as electron, electric equipment, batteries, hardware, medicine, food, connector, it is to solve workpiece the equipment of difficult problem of the makings on automatic sort. Differ to suit of workpiece on feed demand, limited company of equipment of 10 thousand suitable accurate automation designs city of my company Guangzhou at present the vibration that made more than 30 kinds of model dish need in order to satisfy an user.

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