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Helix board heat exchanger
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Release time: On September 8, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On March 7, 2009
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Establish time: 1999
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Heat exchanger of helix board type is equipment of a kind of efficient heat exchange, fluid of — of fluid of — of steam of applicable steam — , steam, fluid, convection conducts heat. It applies to the industry such as chemical, oil, dissolvent, medicine, food, light industrial, spin, metallurgy, steel rolling, cooking. Can divide by configuration to cannot tear open type (I) with detachable type (Ⅱ , Ⅲ ) heat exchanger of helix board type.
The structure reachs function
1, this equipment coils to make and be become by two pieces of armor plate, formed two even helix channels, two kinds conduct heat medium can have completely refluent flow, enhanced heat exchange result greatly, although medium of two kinds of small difference in temperature, also can achieve ideal heat exchange result.
2, on housing take-over use tangential structure, because the curvature of helix passageway is even, the liquid did not change direction greatly in the flow inside equipment, total resistance is little, can raise what design velocity of flow makes to have consequently taller send heat energy force.
3, the end panel of passageway of helix of board type heat exchanger uses helix of I not detachable type solder sealed, have taller sealing consequently.
4, helix of Ⅱ detachable type board principle of heat exchanger structure and heat exchanger of not detachable type are basic and identical, but among them a passageway can ravel clean, particularly applicable adhesive, precipitation liquid heats up exchange.
5, helix of Ⅲ detachable type board principle of heat exchanger structure and heat exchanger of not detachable type are basic and identical, but its two passageways can ravel clean, suitable scope is wider.
6, heat exchanger of helix board type can be divided by nominal pressure for PN0.6, 1, 1.6, 2.5MPa(is passageway pointing to sheet can susceptive is the biggest actuating pressure) . Can divide character by material for carbon steel and stainless steel. The user can be chosen according to practical technology circumstance.
7, when only station equipment cannot satisfy use requirement, can many combination is used, but following regulation must accord with when combination: Shunt-wound combination, series connection is combined, equipment and passageway span are identical. Mixture combination: A passageway is shunt-wound, a passageway establishs ties.
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