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Heat exchanger of coil of the zirconium inside boiler of glassed steel reaction
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Release time: On July 31, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On January 27, 2009
Company: Limited company of science and technology of Shenzhen city burgeoning metal
Legal entity: Chen Zong
Establish time:
Company property: Finite liability company
Management mode: Production / make
Address: C of industrial district of the eaves austral Hua Changlu of village of sea of Ou Longhua town of Shenzhen city Baoan (sell 13902938981 moustache outstanding) [Shenzhen city / Guangdong]
Postcode: 518109
Connect a telephone call: 755-81700707
Fax: 755-81700687
Enterprise mailbox:
Network address: Http:// Id=8846
Contact: Hu Jie (gentleman)

Norms; Standard norms, power has 1.5KW-50KW, can need to make according to the user.
Configuration; The basis heats power, can make “L” model, “U”“0 " wait, and but with overheat protector.
Utility; In applying to the acid that titanium cannot be competent, alkaline medium (hydrofluoric acid except) .
In the production of polymer, the application of zirconium is to replace black lead to make heat exchanger. Zirconium although the cost of heat exchanger is made an appointment with than black lead 4 times taller, make an appointment with than titanium 2 times taller, but enough of its wear well offsets cost cost.

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