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Heat exchanger of board wing type
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Release time: On September 24, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On March 23, 2009
Company: New rural area puts limited company of peak heat exchanger on the ice
Legal entity:
Establish time:
Company property:
Management mode:
Address: Wei Hui industrial district [city of new rural area / Henan]
Postcode: 453000
Connect a telephone call: 0373-2206583
Fax: 0373-3050320
Enterprise mailbox:
Network address: Http:// Id=8827
Contact: Liu manager (young lady)

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My company is the professional manufacturer that produces of all kinds heat exchanger, having old manufacturing experience and fixed user, the radiator that already formed certain dimensions produces a system, my company can produce country the heat exchanger of all sorts of norms model, and still developing new heat exchanger breed ceaselessly.
The main breed of my company heat exchanger has: Cold aircrew of heat exchanger of board wing type, wind, medium cold implement, condenser of type of heat exchanger of heat exchanger of helix board type, engine oil condenser, stainless steel, PB board, cistern, wing piece radiator tubal form and have something made to order by the requirement special type heat exchanger.

The systematic refrigeration that the product applies extensively at the industry such as machinery of project machine, chemical industry, oil, car, shipping, motivation and project of heat exchange equipment.

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