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Put evaporator of Qi approach machine, beverage machine and condenser on the ice
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Heat exchanger fastens 9.52/7 copper pipe, use advanced ripple piece or open a window piece and inside whorl or smooth canal, heat exchange efficiency is tall, those who compare common heat exchanger hand in raise 1.2-1.3 if really times. Move aircrew, condensation aircrew, hot pump aircrew to measure a body to make up high quality, efficient condenser and evaporator to be form a complete set of coil of of all kinds fan for all sorts of air conditioning only the watch is cold implement, implementation cold hot water and air are efficient agent of heat exchange, refrigeration and air are efficient heat exchange. Have the production experience of old major, strict according to advanced standard production, select material can superior quality stabilizes the strict, fastidious that make, situation. Each all check strictly, ensure be able to bear or endure high pressure, 0 leak. Canal, piece model and complete, piece be apart from choose by the client (15 / inch - 6. 5 / inch) the canal is apart from 25 / 21mm, the platoon is apart from 2 1.65/12.7mm. Have the technology of heat exchanger figuration that alone.

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