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Secondhand heat exchanger of BR5-100 series helix
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Head office of purchase and sale of equipment of oil of Shandong bridge hill already had management history of more than 10 years, the enterprise is located in below the foot of a hill of water berth bridge with pretty scenery, lofty Mount Taishan is faced east, there is capital on the west 9 railroad, beijing Hangzhou the Grant Canal is perforative north and south, water, land, empty traffic develops, communication of post and telecommunications is convenient, all and secondhand equipment all belongs to an entrance, product of homebred famous brand, be like: Afalafa, jiangsu peaceful promotes oily machinery plant of the grain oily machinery plant, grain that bring land, Dalian machinery plant of oil of grain of machinery plant of the oily machinery plant of oily machinery plant of grain of Zhuang He machinery plant, Shanghai, Harbin grain, long oil that treat food, Shaanxi. Product merchandise on hand is supplied, seek progress with credit, beg the long-term aim that living is our company with quality, old since favor by broad user. Our company are in equipment of purchase and sale while, still offer instructor for the user, installation is debugged, dog a series of good after service such as investigation. Our company are sold all the year round secondhand big medium or small oil equipment, biology derv equipment. Main sale product has: 200A-3 oil press, 202 model, 24 model, 240 model, 204 model extract machine, 1.5m×5 beforehand- - 3.0m×5 evaporate fries all sorts of boiler, model 3 roller, to roller hydraulic pressure the machine that press embryo, Peng is changed machine, chance of oil of filter of filter of crude oil of type of drier of bed of dryer, oscillatory vulcanization, board casing, lamina, the winter changes filter, the canister of centrifugal, deodorization boiler, decolour boiler, fine, machine that take off black, than matching blender, heat coal tub, spin-drier, 28-36 rinds machine, round sieve, vibrating separator, planar sieve, crusher, go condenser of canal of machine of off line of stone machine, evaporate, decelerate, row, board, wring machine of dragon, promotion, 15-300 ton soak equipment, 20-100 ton salad oil equipment, 1 ton - 20 tons of steam boiler, 100 thousand kilocalorie - conduction oil of 2 million kilocalorie furnace. Cordial welcome negotiates before new old client Wu! (Intermediary has reward) manager Wang Defang

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