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Secondhand helix board heat exchanger
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Grand 發 is secondhand grease machinery is finite company of liability company purchase and sale only then built 1988, be located in with " Shui Hu " and the Shui Boliang hill of renown raise the world. Geographical condition is advantageous, communication is easy. The Yellow River is depended on on the west, north is close to Dong Pinghu, beijing Hangzhou the Grant Canal is crossed east, lu Xina big Campagna is south; 220 nations line passes through meantime, beijing 9 railroad pass through county hinterland, the railway station is set in the county on the west outskirt; Aid peaceful airport is apart from this to have 40 kilometers only, but Beijing of non-stop flight to, Shanghai, Guangzhou more than 10 big in city; Already 3 degree course is apart from the Beijing Hangzhou the Grant Canal of start working build the company has 10 kilometers only, but with revive, couplet of 3 provinces canalage becomes Anhui, short for Zhejiang Province a gleam of. Liang Shan already with the whole nation each are big the city forms network of water, land, empty stereo transportation. Be build oily plant or rebuild the ground of the first selection of oily factory.
Grand 發 is secondhand company of sale of finite liability company covers an area of grease machinery more than mus 3000, fixed assets 12 million yuan, circulating fund 18.8 million yuan. 160 people of existing cadre worker, personnel of technology of industry of its technical secondary school 58 people. Technical force is abundant, the job is seasoned. The mechanical equipment that client place buys, we can be in charge of assembling a car, match goods to reach consign.
Grand 發 is secondhand the main product that company of sale of finite liability company sells grease machine has: 15—300 ton equipment of soak oily a complete set of, 28 model, 24 model, 204 model, 202 model, 200 model, 100 model, 95 model wait for oil press, plumule oily equipment presses facility of pink of flesh and blood the evaporate of all sorts of model fries machine of embryo of boiler, bate platen, make friends, dryer, rind Peng of machine, feed changes machine and entrance Peng changes machine, board casing farad of filter, centrifugal, A sends dish form the centrifuge, machine that take off black, .
Company with “ sincere letter is this, be as good as one's word is flourish, price is low, ” of equipment material benefit is management concept, with “ everything for the client, for everything the client's, make a client satisfactory, let a client be at ease ” is service tenet. The client's support, make the scale of my company larger and larger, this is sturdy also the confidence that we do good work. Mobile phone 15865373028
Manager Zhou Shenghui carries faculty to welcome all circles a man of insight to come wholeheartedly bridge hill sightseeing, travel, make an on-the-spot investigation, introduce or sell- - mechanical, mutual communication, heart of joint development gold is secondhand market of grease machinery equipment. 15865373028 of QQ372701271 mobile phoneHttp://
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