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Secondhand helix board heat exchanger
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The dish type centrifuge that my company has all sorts of type more than 20. Main type has: Free time ┞ denounces oily centrifuge of.DHZ360 of centrifuge of Yi?0.50 lube.400.470 plant. DBY-50 of mineral oil centrifuge. Milkings centrifuge. Albumen centrifuge. Amylaceous centrifuge. Reach Sweden to import Afalafa 313 model centrifuge of.509 dish type. Lanolin centrifuge - wait for all sorts of model
My company major is engaged in secondhand dish type centrifuge, secondhand the sale of centrifuge. Have defatted centrifuge, secondhand plant oily centrifuge. Secondhand and amylaceous centrifuge. Secondhand fruit juice centrifuge. Secondhand sewage centrifuge. Clean breast centrifuge, butter centrifuge (milk centrifuge) , juice juice is solid centrifuge, marine centrifuge of the machine that distribute oil, beer, wait for home and abroad secondhand product and relevant centrifuge spare parts and form a complete set (into makings pump. The “ fluid of the likeness such as oil of oil of oil of vegetable of milkings, beverage, fruit juice, biochemistry, pharmacy, printing ink, chemical industry, albumen, bone, mineral oil, amylaceous, orange, fish oil, shrimp sauce, lanolin, oleic acid- - solid”Two-phase and “ fluid- - fluid- - centrifuge of solid ” three-phase. My company basically sells oasis centrifuge. Appropriate promotes centrifuge. The centrifuge is to use centrifugal power, the machinery of each constituent in detached liquid and solid grain or liquid and liquid mixture, weigh centrifugal again. The centrifuge basically is used at parting the solid grain in suspension fluid and liquid; Or differ two kinds of density in emulsion, each other not Xiang Rong's liquid is apart (give butyric) from the depart in milk for example; It also can be used at eliminating the liquid in wet solid, swing dry wet dress with washing machine for example; Special overspeed is in charge of type centrifuge to return the aeriform mixture of dissociable different density, condense for example, 6 fluorine change separate gaseous state uranous; The characteristic that the solid grain that uses different density or size differs in the settling speed in the liquid, some sedimentationing centrifugal still can press density to solid grain or granuality undertakes classificationing. The centrifuge applies at the branch such as chemical industry, oil, food, pharmacy, mineral separation, coal, water treatment and shipping in great quantities. 1879, swedish Lawaer invents the first centrifuge from butter of the depart in milk, its turn rousing is a hollow cylinder only. Turn later the round cone-shaped disc that axial increased to fold buy inside beat, dissociative effect is improved significantly, increased to handle ability, progress of this one technology brings about dish type centrifuge to develop quickly. The rotate speed of the centrifuge develops to high speed by low speed gradually, turn bosomy diameter also increases gradually, improved detached result, rose to handle ability.

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