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Board type heat exchanger, purify the announcement of invite public bidding such
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Orgnaization of invite public bidding: Northwest (Shaanxi) limited company of international invite public bidding
Project name: High pure equipment of project of zincic smelt technical reformation is purchased
Project number: 0617-08030171-6
Owner unit: Chinese in Huang Sha of county of exert oneself of Shaanxi of / of finite liability company presses down 81 zinc line of business
Project general situation:
The 1st packet of shock machine 10
Heat exchanger of the 2nd packet of board type 8;
Electric dust collector of the 3rd packet of high pressure 2;
Furnace of the 4th packet of boiling roast 2;
The 5th packet purifies a system 2;

Date of delivery is pressed " file of invite public bidding " ; Delivery place: Huang Sha presses down county of Shaanxi exert oneself.

Bid qualificatory condition:
1, bidder: Legal entity;
2, " file of invite public bidding " other qualification condition of the regulation.
This project comes at rising on September 11, 2008 on October 6 (holiday except) everyday 9: 30 to 17: 00 when put on sale " file of invite public bidding " . " file of invite public bidding " price: ? 500 yuan of / are wrapped.
/ of time of open sealed tenders bids end time: On October 6, 2008 14:00;
/ of place of open sealed tenders bids the ground nods: 14 Shaanxi visit region of north of Xi'an city Chang'an government affairs hall;
Communication address: Road of north of Xi'an city Chang'an saves three-layer of government affairs hall 14 numbers / 710061.
Open an account bank: Xi'an of Chinese light big bank divides department of field headquarters trade
Zhang date: 78670188000006576

Contact a method:
Contact: 029-85368497 of Yang Hong chapter, zhang Bo 029-85257747

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