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Announcement of invite public bidding of equipment of heat exchanger of helix bo
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Project name: Announcement of invite public bidding of equipment of heat exchanger of helix board type
What belong to an industry: Mechanical Electromechanical
Be in an area: Qinghai
Issue date: 2008-4-23
Date of expiration: 2008-4-29
Mark dispatch content: Basis " invite public bidding of People's Republic of China bids law " concerned regulation, follow the principle of open, fair, just, honest credence strictly,
Look to integrated interest expenditures now 2 period project 120 thousand tons / produce per year helix of PVC device form a complete set design of equipment of board type heat exchanger, make, examine, check and accept reach manufacturing test-drive to make public invite public bidding in home,
Preferred make choice of offers money unit.
One. Content of invite public bidding: Design of equipment of heat exchanger of helix board type, make, examine, experiment; Details of the scope that offer money sees next tables:
Stage of amount of equipment name stuff operates pressure MPa to operate temperature. Stock of M2 of C heating surface area
Liquid waste of Q325 1 1.0/1.0 40/65 40 of liquid waste heat exchanger / liquid waste
Water of job of 304 1 1.0/1.0 50/30 30 of working water heat exchanger / cooling water
Oar of 304 1 1.0/1.0 40/65 80 of heat exchanger of oar makings loop expects / oar makings
Water of job of 304 1 1.0/1.0 50/30 20 of working water cooler / cooling water
Soft water of 304 1 1.0/1.0 40/25 60 of soft water heat exchanger / mother liquor water
2. Bid unit aptitude asks: Always can offer the unit that afore-mentioned equipment have outstanding achievement of 5 years of above all can sign up inside People's Republic of China attend,
Material signing up sends the electronic letter box that email offers to my unit after scanning original inside formulary time, if bearer presses the following demand,provide data signing up.
3. Time signing up: On April 23, 2008 9:00 when —4 month 29 days of 18:00 when whole.
4. Sign up carry data: Id of legal representative certificate or a power of attorney of legal person accredit, person signing up; Business patent is valid Xerox; ISO9000 quality certification system;
Manufacturing licence; Production aptitude card; Qualificatory prejudication file.
5. Qualificatory prejudication file includes to bid unit company general situation; Brief introduction of the financial standing that the proof of nearly 5 years of outstanding achievement, financial condition proof, audit department audit that has aptitude crosses, company and necessary other are relevant data.
Be willing to join the unit that bid, can consult file of the invite public bidding that get and arrangement of working hours of invite public bidding in detail to unit of invite public bidding by afore-mentioned content, decline of any intermediary orgnaizations or intermediary person enter.

Contact an unit: Chinese invite public bidding purchases information network
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