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Building materials of French Paris international and equipment are exhibited mee
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Showpiece time: 2007-11-5 comes 2007-11-10 Application ends: 2007-11-1 Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: The public Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Parisian every Er surpasses an exhibition center Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Frankfurt defends bath to exhibit | Middle east bath exhibits Dibaiwei | Lian Feng 0591-87558520 | Frankfurt building materials is exhibited | Middle east enlighten do obeisance to building materials to exhibit | Russia defends bath to exhibit | Russia building materials is exhibited | The United States defends bath to exhibit | Chicago defends bath to exhibit | North America defends bath to exhibit | Italy defends bath to exhibit | Bath exhibits Dibaiwei | Germany defends bath to exhibit | Italy defends bath to exhibit | Germany defends bath to exhibit | Han Nuowei defends bath to exhibit | Building materials exhibits Han Nuowei | Hutch defends Han Nuowei exhibit | European hutch is defended exhibit | Europe defends bath to exhibit | American hutch is defended exhibit | Enlighten do obeisance to hutch to defend exhibit | Germany defends bath to exhibit | Muscovite Wei Yu is exhibited | Muscovite hutch is defended exhibit | Muscovite building materials is exhibited | Spain defends bath to exhibit | Spanish hutch is defended exhibit | Spanish building materials is exhibited | Brazilian building materials is exhibited | Brazil defends bath to exhibit | Brazilian stone material extends range of item on display: 1, housing materials () of hardware of material of body of material of products of gel of coating of stuff of metal of stainless steel of structure aluminous ability, building, building, paint, lumber, building, adhesive, paper quality, wall, building, floor, tile; 2, material of stone of ceramic tile, building; 3, lamp of lamps and lanterns is acted the role of, interior decoration material, glass and metal mold material, new-style building materials; 4, building hardware tool, Wei Yujie is provided, establishment of material, kitchen, insulation material reachs safety of valve of door window, coating, pipe fitting, fire control equipment of equipment, environmental protection equipment and things, galley equipment, construction machinery. Sponsor square:

French encourage exhibits exhibition company Undertake square:
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