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Building of 2007 India international decorates exhibition
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Showpiece time: 2007-10-17 comes 2007-10-19 Application ends: 2007-7-19 Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Xin Deli, pragati Maidan Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Housing materials of limits of item on display: Stone material (marble, granitic) , pottery and porcelain, model brick, rolled steel, nonferrous metal, lumber, ceramic tile, floor and ground gesso, lumber, linoleum, thick fine hair, pave a road material, cement, concrete, paint, lime, lumber, glass, wall paper and wallboard are set etc; Building hardware: Warm equipment of water mouth, water, clean has hardware fittings, door (include door of ambry wall cupboard) silk screen of window and fittings of door window hardware, valve, firmware, standard component, hammer; Lighting electric equipment: Fan of switch of illume, lamp act the role ofing, electric equipment, platoon, generate electricity pump, conduct material; Galley equipment: Kitchen electric equipment, cistern, bibcock; Water supply, sanitation installs material: Cistern, conduit, clean provides hardware of crock of room of shower of three-piece suit, computer, massage bath, bathroom. Building and civil engineering are mechanical Sponsor square:

England cheats song Ma benefit to show a company, INTERADS LIMITED Undertake square:

Beijing is filled with year of international to meet exhibit limited company Assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: Exhibit meeting specification:

Market background India is having tremendous market potential and opportunity, regard South Asia big country and world as big country of the 2nd population, its country manufacturing industry, mining industry and agriculture develop, bldg. is one of main pillar industry of India, the demand to building materials because this is very exuberant. According to statistical data, than 2002 to the commerce side the Yin Zhongshuang between August the corresponding period grew 37 in January 2003. 5 percent. Among them, china grew 40 to exit forehead of India. 8 % , and India grew 33 to exit forehead of China. 7 % . Specific for, india came in January 2003 to total exit forehead of China 1.4 billion dollar was reached between August, and import total is 1.6 billion dollar. Data makes clear, came in April 2002 between March 2003, china has replaced Japan to become the entrance state with the biggest India. Came in January 2003 between August, imprint total volume of trade amounts to harbor 2.6 billion dollar. Imprint, harbor, inland the 3 commerce between Xiang Zhi are completely OK after United States of prep close behind, become large family of the 2nd commerce. Any national bldg. are the main driving force that economy grows. In India, 6% what the building occupied whole GDP, still be a moderate level only at present. As a developing country, india invests to enter construction industry in great quantities now: Industrial structure, road, haven is built with another infrastructure, especially estate building has powerful economic driving force. Indian economy with annual the increase rate of 8% is developing at full speed, nowadays is enter Indian market absolutely inning. The Indian building of 60 billion dollar, building materials and indoor outfit amend value in rapid dilate. Key of the 10th Five-Year Plan is building India industry, to carry the economic increase rate of 8% , whole investment will achieve above of 9 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two U.S. dollors, among them 40% will invest construction industry. Already a lot of is versed in Cheng project is undertaking, still have a few short-term inside also will start, these offerred tremendous business chance to all sorts of housing materials. In prospective time bldg. is considered as the industry that has perspective most. Centralized process is done not have in the development of Indian estate, capital Xin Deli, Bombay, Banjialuoer the heaven that these cities had been estate development business, other city if Jin Nai, Haidelaba, add Er to answer each, Pu Na, Ahaimaibade also is chasing Bombay to wait for a city quickly, especially Jin Nai, Pu Na and Ahaimaibade. The foreign capital that has powerful economy actual strength now has entered India, of foreign capital enter the rapid development that caused Indian estate. In India the building is growing quickly, bldg. import rises every year for 7-8% , use the development of the development project with residential property and unprecedented of project of urban and rural housing as business, bldg. entrance flourishs more. Most show into investigation, to satisfy urban and rural housing demand, need invests 3.72 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two U.S. dollors, the 1.67 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two U.S. dollors that already raised money among them originate door of Ministry of finance. Of business of foreign estate development enter the import that also stimulated bldg. . Additional and indoor decorate year of increase rate for 15% , among them large shopping market and hotel hold one much, advocate if pottery and porcelain, ground decorates material, kitchen and Wei Yujie,provide. Exhibition characteristic and effect Interbuild India establish 2002, at the capital reign the Pragati Maidan exhibition of Xin Deli heartland holds the 5th InterBuild India this year. Success of before a few years is held, had made it becomes India the important communication platform of market of building materials of billions of dollar. The aspect is built in the structure, exhibition got the landlord wants the support that professional media chime meets becoming, include Sourcing Hardware,  New Building Materials,  Construction Technology and Indian Buildings Congress. Respect of   interior decoration, exhibition got below the support of media and association, include Indian Design and Interiors,  Scourcing Hardware,  Architecture   Design and imprint completely building stylist association. The field is popularized in the audience, will undertake in the following respects, straight mail (through benefit of Meng Ge Ma voluminous building materials buys domestic database and whole world to represent the promotion of place 14 times) , the way develops (a promotion is received on each important meetings) , the phone invites the most important buying the home, advertisement, the corresponding period holds a seminar to attract. Exhibition of previous term or session exhibits an area about 10, 000 square metre, those who come from 13 countries exhibited a Trade Fair to show a product, among them England, Germany, United States and China organized a country to exhibited a group to enter exhibition, shared 6050 professional audiences and relevant section staff to visit fair. In the audience, 40% it is president or general manager. The audience of 1/3 comes from estate development, building and contract domain. Business of 5 big development comes round to look around entirely negotiate. Character of the feeling that postpone business " this is we attend Interbuild India the 3rd times, the effect of the exhibition proved our advisability chooses again. We still attend in the future next year, will bring new product, the PVC of taller efficiency and aluminous profile treatment are mechanical, the market here is very big. " the  Indira Hasanova of export department manager of  Kaban Makina " we got a lot of potential clients, and of each domains have. Exhibit during the meeting we all the time very busy, believe this ginseng is exhibited can bring very good benefit to us. " the general manager Panels Nitin Garg  of Alupan Composite
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