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American international refrigeration reachs air conditioning, heating, ventilate
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Showpiece time: 2007-2-7 comes 2007-2-9 Application ends: 2007-1-3 Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: The public Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: American Florida Ao Lan exhibits a center more Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Refrigeration and air conditioning product: Agent of fittings of refrigeration of ark of equipment of air conditioning system, water-cooling, refrigeration and refrigerant device, refrigeration and installation of air conditioning equipment, air conditioning, freezer, compressor, refrigeration. Ventilated equipment: The wind fan, system that discharge wind, air handles the heating product such as device: Equipment of heating installation, heat exchanger, boiler, oily makings, fuel handles equipment to wait. Other product: Pump kind, a powerful person kind, instrument, remove dust software of technology of equipment of equipment, control of the sources of energy, filter, service, control. Sponsor square:

Company of American international exhibition Undertake square: Assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: Http:// Exhibit meeting specification:

AHR is refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilated with heating industry (HVAC&R) in the domain famous and most

Big international exhibition, by American international exhibition company is sponsorred,   United States, Canada and North America area each are big

The 20 many origanization construction such as association of the production association of HVAC&R industry domain, federation, project combine support, every

Year, have enough to meet need is held at American thing ministry. Exhibition traceable 1930, have history of 73 years.

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