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Kitchen of international of 2007 middle east defends bath exposition
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Showpiece time: 2007-5-13 comes 2007-5-15 Application ends: 2007-4-8 Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to the world trade centre Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Wholesome clean is provided, water is series of kitchen of series of warm, Wei Yu, water heater, shower room, lavabo series, whole, screen, faucet, tube, valve, plastic machine of tubal material, ceramic, ceramic tile, flooring, coating, galley equipment, cooking utensils, lampblack suction a platoon, light. Sponsor square:

Frankfurt exhibition company Undertake square:

Business affairs of international of Fujian gold blessing can exhibit service limited company Assist do square:

Business affairs of international of Fujian gold blessing can exhibit service limited company Exhibit meeting network address: Http:// Exhibit meeting specification:

Kitchen of middle east international defended bath exposition to will be in May 2007 enlighten center of the trade that do obeisance to a world is held ceremoniously. Exhibit meeting and hardware of Electromechanical of middle east international this, lamps and lanterns of middle east international is exhibited and middle east international is horticultural exhibit the corresponding period to hold, exhibit a company to sponsor by German Frankfurt. Attracted the ginseng of many 500 enterprise that comes from 40 countries and area to exhibit, exhibit a gross area to amount to 30000 smooth rice, it is all previous extend meeting scope the biggest, the effect is best. 14382 when share 47 countries and area person that look around attended to be exhibited this meeting, they come from country of A couplet chief of a tribe, thalassic country, middle east, Africa, Iran, CIS and Indian subcontinent respectively. Dibaide is in on the horn of Arabia peninsula, radiation population is amounted to 1.5 billion, major product transit afore-mentioned countries, the haven capacity world that Ju Di does obeisance to ranks the 13rd, the attraction with a variety of advantageous ceaseless elements is worn the eyeball of whole world businessman. The integral quality of the person that look around is quite high, among them 40% it is shop, agent and jobber, they are to search right product completely and come, the person look around of more than 50% is the professional personage that hutch protects an industry,   builds an industry to warm up ceaselessly as thalassic area, provide to clean, the demand of things of lamps and lanterns will exceed 2 billion U.S. dollor 2006.
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