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Equipment of power station of power plant of international of the 3rd 2007 Shang

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Showpiece time: 2007-4-23 comes 2007-4-25 Application ends: 2007-4-10 Periodic: 1 year / Establish time: 2000 Exhibit meeting object: The public Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Center of Shanghai international exhibition (Lou Shan involves a way 88) Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Equipment of power plant power station reachs accessory equipment: Couplet of all of water system of turbine lead plane, loop, pyroelectricity is produced, power station of monitoring of position of condensate vacuum system, unit and testing system, power plant builds construction mechanical, machines and tools, safety defends, anticorrosive reach the device that prevent thunder, be defeated by coal to reach milling system, say to weigh metric equipment, boiler proper, equipment transporting oil. Equipment of subsidiary engine of power plant power station reachs fittings: Power station valve, pump, carry out implement, automation of machinery of oily machine of fan, compressor, conduit, moire canal, pipe expander, metal collapsible tube, bearing, heat exchanger, condenser, compensator, filter, hydraulic pressure, power plant controls a system. Water treatment of power plant power station: Processing of processing of processing of water treatment of power station loop, cooling water, boiler make-up water, industrial waste water, raw water (clean water) the equipment of colophony of drug of pretreatment, water treatment, ion exchange, oily processing, system that make hydrogen, system full nitrogen. Desulphurization technology and equipment: Technology of to decoke of half dry method and technology of dry method to decoke and equipment, equipment, wet ammonium of technology of to decoke of desulphurization technology and equipment, seawater and equipment, phosphor technology of to decoke of chemistry of boiler of technology of electron beam law and technology of answer fertilizer law and equipment, equipment, coal fired and equipment. Take off saltpetre technology and equipment: Have alternative catalysis reductive law takes off saltpetre, choice to be not catalysis reductive law takes off saltpetre, absorb a law to take off saltpetre, adsorptive law to take off law of activation of saltpetre, plasma to take off law of saltpetre, biochemistry to take off saltpetre, air to classification combustion takes off saltpetre, furnace inside reductive take off saltpetre. Desulphurization takes off saltpetre to assist technology and device: All sorts of circular fluid-bed equipment, segregator, beater, heat exchanger, nozzle, pump, a powerful person, canal and tubal fittings, carry out implement, preservative coating, anticorrosive material and equipment, liner and outer the agent of coating, to decoke, agent that take off saltpetre. Remove dust technology and equipment: Machinery removes dust technology and equipment, electrostatic remove dust technology and equipment (ESP) , bag type removes dust technology and equipment, wet remove dust technology and equipment, air filters technology and equipment. Flue gas is online the instrument that monitor and technology: Data collects processing appearance of device of analysis of composition of system of news report of system of control equipment of device, system, database management, data, gas, soot, mass flow plan, temperature, pressure detects device. Clean coal technology and equipment: Liquefacient technology and technology of technology of technology of coal of coking plant choosing, washing of tall sulfur coal, advanced Jiao Lu, aerification and equipment, equipment, heavy medium comes back stream implement, smelt of floatation column, boiler coal, aerification coal, blast furnace anxious.
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