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Water - aggrandizement of heat exchanger of fluid-bed of loop of smooth solid tu
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Water - aggrandizement of heat exchanger of fluid-bed of loop of smooth solid tubal juice conducts heat and prevent dirty to consider

1 . Zhang Jijun 2. Zhang Heng 2. Zhang Shaofeng

(Shijiazhuang of Heibei of limited company of equipment of big chemical industry of 1 , Shijiazhuang industry fifty thousand and thirty-one; 2, Tianjin of Heibei industry university three hundred thousand one hundred and thirty)

[summary] in the level solid tubal juice circulates the test that has is work qualitative requirement with calcium sulfate on device of fluid-bed heat exchanger, the diathermancy that studies fluid-bed can be mixed the effect that prevent dirty. The knot dirty induction period that experimental result makes clear to the affiliation of solid grain can lengthen calcium sulfate solution, can rise to defend the action that dirty and aggrandizement conduct heat.

[keyword] horizontal loop fluid-bed fluid solid bilge conducts heat

Circular fluid-bed has two-phase to contact because of its rate is high, productivity is big, aggrandizement conducts heat, can handle agglutinant stock to reach apply to the characteristic such as quick treatment craft, got applied extensively in the domain such as oil, chemical industry, light industrial, motivation, the sources of energy, food, medicine and environmental protection. Fluid-bed conducts heat have aggrandizement and the characteristic that conduct heat from cleanness. Conduct heat to be compared with fluid photograph, fluid solid fluid-bed conducts heat coefficient can rise multiple [1 ] , can prevent effectively to conduct heat below the operating mode that serious knot dirties exterior knot dirties, fluid-bed conducts heat research times get attention. As heterogeneous shedding voice is changed technology and prevent, the development of the heat exchanger of fluid solid fluid-bed that is united in wedlock except dirty technology photograph only then at going up century at the beginning of 70 time [2] , and because its characteristic considers to begin later,two-phase of solid of horizontal canal fluid flows, carry the need that waits for a respect to cause wide attention as oil, chemical industry, liquid. The article pledges for labour with calcium sulfate, to the level the aggrandizement of heat exchanger of fluid-bed of loop of solid tubal juice conducts heat and prevent, the function that divide dirty undertook study, undertook an analysis to its influencing factor.

1 trial section

Test flow is shown like graph 1 place. Conduct heat experiment 32 × of paragraph of Φ of the steel tube that it is carbon 2. 5 m m , grow 2 m . Tube wall jacket has 4 platinum thermistor in order to measure a wall lukewarm, have 2 additionally only armored platinum thermistor gauges mood makings

The subject temperature of fluid. Computer of classics of each bits of temperature is collected. The experiment uses C a (NO3) 2 with N a 2 SO4 dissolves the calcium sulfate aqueous solution that configures in water regards a test as makings fluid. Calcium sulfate expects fluid enters pump by mouth of storage tank side, pump infiltrates makings fluid and solid grain test pipeline, makings fluid storage tank is returned again after the course heats, solid grain is in through grain loop pipeline particle departs in detached canister. The makings fluid balance with maintaining a system complements to the middle of the system ceaselessly in experiment process. Experiment Duan Cai heats with electric heat silk. Solid grain is a project plastic grain.
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