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Liquid oxygen / stage of test-drive of kerosene engine heat exchanger deserves t
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Liquid oxygen / stage of test-drive of kerosene engine heat exchanger deserves to enrage systematic design

Cheng Lei

(Xi'an of Shaanxi of institute of technology of experiment of Xi'an spaceflight motivation 71010)

Summary: In liquid oxygen / in process of experiment of kerosene engine development, need undertakes experiment test and verify to the heat exchanger of engine, will satisfy the engine requirement to heat exchanger with this. Basically elaborated the specific method that uses control of sonic orifice plate and computational gas flow, theoretical calculation, and the problem that exists in use process and the method that solve. Designs system distributing gas satisfied liquid oxygen / the experiment requirement of system of kerosene engine heat exchanger.

Keyword: Liquid oxygen / ; of system of heat exchanger of kerosene engine; deserves to enrage device

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1. foreword

In liquid oxygen / in process of kerosene engine development, for the condition when imitate engine works actually, need increases heat exchanger (evaporator of heater of the gas that contain helium, liquid oxygen, the following abbreviation two implement) the demand that the system will come satisfy pressure boost of system of liquid oxygen, kerosene. For test and verify two implement the dependability that the system works, must build with two implement of systematic form a complete set match gas, reduce expenditure, discharge measurement unit. For this need the design develops two implement system distributing gas comes with engine two implement the system is covered suitably. Because the system has particular demand to aeriform discharge, pressure, if cannot be satisfied, can cause two implement the failure that the system experiments, additional, air current belongs to supersonic speed flow, computational design respect is more complex, accordingly, to two implement the design development of system distributing gas increased difficulty.

2. designs technical requirement

According to liquid oxygen / kerosene engine two implement the requirement of systematic experiment assignment certificate, of development two implement the main function of system distributing gas should satisfy the following requirement:

(Heater of 1) helium gas imports 16mln of internal diameter towel, export towel 22m, outlet temperature 516K;

(Evaporator of 2) liquid oxygen exports 5mm of internal diameter towel, take a shoulder to encircle flange.

(341.2K of outlet temperature of evaporator of 3) liquid oxygen, discharge is sanded.

(4) nitrogen discharge sanded; of 0.2 earth 0.02k

(Inlet pressure of 5) helium heater 1.25 strong.IMPa, outlet pressure 0.8 imprint.IMPa;
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